New Members

A warm welcome to our 13 newest members!

JOSH ALAO:  Josh has been attending MCC Toronto for 3 years and in 2014 received the Vision Alive award for his role in starting and sustaining the Young Adults group.

JAMES BROWN:  James recently attended the MCC Toronto Men’s Retreat and the wonderfully affirming environment there has convinced him that MCC Toronto is his spiritual home.

COLIN CHUKWUMA:  Colin was born in Nigeria and recently moved to Toronto. He feels very much at home here with our congregation.

BRENDALEE COX:   Brendalee is a ‘Jill of All Trades’ who began attending MCC Toronto last December. She has a strong church background and feels so at home here.

RICHARD GIORDANO:  Richard is a self-taught artist and loves to write poetry, short stories and to paint and sketch.

LISA MARSHALL:  Lisa has been seeking a spiritual community and felt much love and caring during her first visit here.

TONISHA ROBERTS:   Tonisha has been involved at MCC Toronto in many ways since she began attending services. She loves working with teams and has added a great deal to our community in a very short time.

MARY SEGUIN:  Mary loves the calm beauty and diversity of MCC Toronto. Mary and her daughter Chantal have been training to support our Ushers and Greeters.

CHANTAL SEGUIN:  Chantal is studying biology at university and is passionate about animals and wildlife conservation.

ERIC SEGUIN: Eric believes that the world should accept all people for who they are. He enjoys gardening, hockey and playing piano and guitar.

KEITH SHOWERS:  Keith grew up Anglican, served as an acolyte, and then moved to Toronto where he began looking for a church to call home. He discovered MCC Toronto through his partner.

CATHY WHITE:  Cathy is a happily retired teacher who first visited MCC Toronto 8 years ago. She loves the enthusiasm and welcoming Christianity of this community.

GRAHAM WHITE:  Graham is a recently retired university professor who has been attending MCC Toronto for a number of years.