Membership Classes are offered several times per year. Official members can serve on the Board of Directors, vote at the Annual Congregational Business Meeting, and elect a new Senior Pastor; Non-Members are welcome to participate in and access all of MCC Toronto’s Programs.

At MCC Toronto, membership is not connected to baptism, and you do not need to identify as a Christian to become a member.

We ask that potential members:

  • Are regular worship attendees (at least for 3+ months)
  • Financially contribute to MCC Toronto
  • Intend to, or already volunteer with MCC Toronto
  • Are ready to make a long-term commitment to MCC Toronto

The church’s commitment to members is to provide a sense of belonging, a safe space to be your authentic self, provide pastoral care, and offer spiritual growth, as well as social justice opportunities.

Our next membership class date and time will be announced in our e-newsletter and social media platforms. So, please subscribe to our e-newsletter, The Query on our homepage and follow us on social media.



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