Making history at Church on Church

Church on Church St. was attended by capacity crowds and several special guests.

Last week, at Church on Church Street, a capacity crowd worshiped in peace and unity to kick off Pride Sunday in Toronto.

It was a historic day as, for the first time ever, we welcomed all three levels of government to our worship service. Mayor John Tory, Premier Kathleen Wynne and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau were in the congregation.

Tia Chinnery-Vincent, 9, has been a part of MCC Toronto her entire life. Tia was thrilled to be chosen to deliver the opening prayer. Minutes before the service began, Tia found herself being interviewed on TV.

CP24: Are you excited to see the Prime Minister here?

Tia: Really excited!

CP24: What does it mean for you?

Tia: It means that… just that… well… it also means a lot for him too!

Tia’s opening prayer was eloquent, confident and serene – just one of many inspired moments during the service. Soon after, Justin was seen wiping a tear from his eye. It should not be a ‘big thing’ that the PM attends Church on Church and walks in the Pride Parade – not in 2016… not in Canada…

But it does mean a lot.

Yes, Tia, for him too.

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