Healing Racism

MCC-Toronto has been building bridges in our communities for decades: from creating safe space for LGBTQ youth to attend high school, to continuously advocating for fair and just practices in Toronto Police Service interactions with members of the LGBTQ community – to sponsoring and/or supporting LGBTQ people facing persecution, internationally, through our Refugee Program. We are a community of faith that is committed to making the world a safer, more loving place for all. Our Anti-Racism Initiative is another step in our journey together, towards a more just world. Join us!!

Here is some info to get you started

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“It Was The Dance” on www.cbc.ca

Come to one or all of the following Information Sessions:

Creating Safe Spaces for People of Color to Share: If you are a person of color who has experienced racism (within or outside of MCC-Toronto) we want you to know that there is a space for you to connect with other People of Color. Stay tuned for updates! Or email mmwent@yahoo.com for information.

White People Educating White People About Racism: a safe space for White People to learn, heal and grow. We offer feedback; tools; a space to ask questions and reflect on racism, privilege and making the world a safe(r) place for people of all races. Come to our first meeting Sunday October 16th at 4:00 p.m. RSVP: loveandgraceandfaith@gmail.com (or for more information).

Education: Re-learning about race and racism through conversation; sharing of stories + re-examining history. Group participants will offer suggestions and constructively help grow our church (both in and outside of worship) into a community that visibly/audibly/musically and socially reflects racial diversity. Email: insyncluna@gmail.com or attend our meeting on Sunday October 23rd at 12:30 p.m.

Systemic Racism: This group includes staff, clergy and volunteers that are focussing on issues of systemic racism with a particular emphasis on addressing systemic racism at MCC-Toronto. Contact Rain Adderly for more information.