Ripples of Influence

Rev. Jeff Rock reflects on how MCC Toronto influenced his life.

Rev. Jeff Rock was installed as our new senior pastor on January 21 at 11:00 a.m. Back in July, Jeff visited MCC Toronto and wrote:

This church has helped to make me the person that I am today. Even though I’ve only attended worship here a few times, it has none-the-less had a huge impact on my life, personally and professionally.

For example, I was able to come out as gay in high school because of the community of activism at MCC Toronto. As I struggled with teen angst and my own sexuality, I knew I was a beloved child of God, unconditionally loved, because of what I heard from the pulpit thanks to the influence of MCC Toronto on my childhood United Church. When I felt the Calling, I could even go into ministry, openly gay, directly because of the actions of MCC Toronto. As a young man I could (and still do) dream of marrying someone I love. That dream is real because of the courageous steps you took at MCC Toronto for marriage equality.

I have the power and privilege I do today because I have inherited the legacy of your 44 years of commitment to building an inclusive congregation, city, country and world.

MCC Toronto’s ripples of influence have spread farther and wider than we can ever calculate, and will continue to ripple into the future, because God isn’t done with your ministry yet. God has brought you and I together at this decisive point in history. But I realized something this week, MCC Toronto: you have always been a part of me.

Rev. Jeff Rock – MCC Toronto