• Love Wins In Trinidad


    LGBTQ+ Trinidadians and their supporters across the world are celebrating this first step to victory and we at MCC Toronto stand proudly with them!

  • Clarification from our Refugee Ministry


    It was brought to our attention that the story we ran on April 1 and April 8, “Good News from the Refugee Ministry”, was written in such a way that it could be interpreted as reading that the Refugee Ministry had received $100,000 from the government to run its programs. Although that would be a […]

  • Bridges Postponed


    Our mid year fundraising event, originally scheduled for May 23, has been postponed. Bridges To Hope And Freedom will be a truly exceptional event showcasing and celebrating our Refugee Ministry. Although many staff and volunteers have been working hard to produce the event, we’ve decided to postpone because, financially, we are not where we needed […]

  • Belonging: A Transgender Easter Reflection


    It’s no April Fools when two worlds come together; Trans Day of Visibility on March 31 and Easter Sunday on April 1. The death of a loved one, moving on from a tragic incident, or remembering Jesus’ death and resurrection is a profoundly religious experience for some, or simply a day off for others. Connecting […]

  • Our Beautiful Easter Flowers


    Our Easter flowers on Sunday morning were graciously donated by members of our community, often in memory or in celebration of loved ones. All the flowers that were donated will now be added to the Spring plantings by our Garden Faeries Easter 2018 Dedications Karen Kelly In celebration of the life of Darlene McDougall Andrew […]

  • Sunrise on Easter


    On Sunday, April 1, 2018, at 05:45, 35 members of the congregation of MCC Toronto gathered on this brisk, windy Easter morning for our annual Sunrise Service, my 16th and for me a meaningful part of my Easter Weekend. It was a cold morning, the wind adding windchill, but over the years the Sunrise Service […]

  • Why is it Good Friday?


    Have you ever wondered why it’s called Good Friday? How can we call something as heartbreaking as Jesus’ death “Good”? Well, we call it good in an attempt to reclaim the places of pain and sorrow. As we all know too well, life is far from perfect, and there are many moments of depression, anxiety […]

  • Follow Your Heart


    When I came out, my father said to follow my heart. “If you are true to your heart, you can’t go wrong.” My mother had a different opinion. She disowned me and tossed out my possessions. I had questioned my Christian beliefs in the early ’80s when my Baptist friends told me I was not […]

  • Music connects me


    I first came to MCC Toronto because of Diane Leah. We have been friends and colleagues for many years. I adore and admire Diane, so when she extended an invitation to come and play at church, I jumped at the chance. My spirituality has always been associated with and expressed though music. It is my […]

  • Where’d the Pews Go?


    Stop! There is no need to worry, our pews are all safe and happy. However, we needed to do a little reorganizing in the sanctuary to accommodate more strollers, scooters and mobility devices during the service. In addition we have added a Newcomers Nook. The removal of the pews was handled very carefully by our […]

  • Making History


    Angela Robertson, is a black lesbian feminist activist and a founding member of ‘Blackness Yes!’, producers of the Blockorama stage at Pride Toronto. Angela is also the Executive Director of the Queen West – Central Toronto Community Health Centre. She was a recipient of one of the first ever Queering Black Spaces awards. No stranger to […]

  • Searching for Andrew


    I didn’t know Andrew Kinsman or the others we’ve lost. But I did feel as if I knew Andrew in a way. My daily walks take me down Pottery Rd. where I access a section of the Lower Don Recreation Trail. Over the years I have occasionally seen photos of lost dogs posted and I […]

  • Chasing Rainbows in the House of Love


    The first time I went to MCC Toronto was in 1999 when Diane Leah started as the Music Director. She is our friend and my accompanist so Joe and I decided to support her on the first day at her new job. On that first Sunday, like the good little Catholic kid that I was, I […]

  • My Family Is Closer Now


    My name is Oluchi Mercy Ibeya and I’m a bisexual woman. I came to Canada with my two sons Emmanuel (7) and Daniel (2). When I arrived, I felt full of despair with no one to turn to. I had lost my faith and could not even pray because I felt God does not listen […]

  • Feminist Warrior


    Beverly Bain teaches at the University of Toronto in the area of diasporic sexualities, black queer diasporic studies, sexual assault and violence against women, gender, colonialism, transnationalism and anti-capitalism. Beverly has been an anti-racist anti-violence feminist activist for over 30 years. She was the Executive Director of the National Action Committee on The Status of […]

  • When will they love their kids more than they love their guns?


    Rev. Dr. Durrell Watkins is the senior pastor at the Sunshine Cathedral, a MCC congregation in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He wrote this article in response to the tragic school shootings that have become so incomprehensibly common for our neighbours to the south. We keep the people of Florida in our prayers for this tragedy, as they […]

  • Income Tax Receipts


    Thank you for your donation in 2017! Income Tax receipts are now ready to be picked up from representatives of our finance department in the Social Hall after all three service on February 11 and February 18. If you are not able to visit the church on one of those days, we’ll happily mail your […]

  • Reflections from Douglas Stewart


    Douglas Stewart is a gay rights activist who has focused much of his energy on working with the Black community, especially as project co-ordinator and founding Executive Director of the Black Coalition for AIDS Prevention (Black CAP). In 2016, Douglas was interviewed by Gary Kinsman and Alexis Shotwell about his work in the community: Douglas […]

  • The Bridges of Jackie Shane


    In late 1967, Jackie Shane was recording a live album from the Sapphire Tavern in downtown Toronto. The crowd was electric as Jackie took the stage, appearing in a fabulous suit and fierce makeup. At the end of the night, Jackie performed ‘Any Other Way’, her hit song with the signature hook: “Tell her that I’m […]

  • Little Library


    We’ve recently added a Little Library box to our front garden beside our signboard. It’s a delight to see people stopping from the neighbourhood to take a book or leave one. Have you got some good books at home that you’d like to donate? Bring a few books with you the next time you’re coming […]

  • Mutual Agreement


    Transitions require clear expectations to prevent misunderstandings. With that in mind, Rev. Dr. Brent Hawkes and Rev. Jeff Rock have developed a mutual agreement procedure. Here are some highlights: Title:  Brent will assume the title of Pastor Emeritus following his retirement and Jeff will be known as the Senior Pastor. The Immediate Future: For the next 6 months, Brent will […]