As part of our 50th Anniversary, MCC Toronto has launched a Time Capsule project and we want our entire MCC Toronto community to take part!

As most folks may know, Time Capsules provide a moment in time opportunity for individuals/organizations to gather materials and ephemera that is then placed in a box with instructions to open it in the future. MCC Toronto’s Time Capsule will be “buried/stored” in the fall of 2023 with instruction to open it in 2073!

Project Co-Chairs Peter Kaellgren and Debra Williams think of this 50th Anniversary Time Capsule initiative as a Hope Chest for the Future. They invite all MCC Toronto community members to complete a Time Capsule form and submit it to MCC Toronto. In-person attendees of MCC Toronto’s Worship Services can pick up a form at our Info Desk beginning Sunday, April 30. Members and congregants who participate with us online can complete a digital form which is linked below.

Please note that the Time Capsule itself has limited capacity and we encourage every congregant to limit their submissions to one form only. On the form you can include a message about what MCC Toronto has meant to you, what it means to you right now in 2023, and what you hope for the MCC Toronto community (and the world!) in 2073. Or it could include a prayer, a poem, or even a drawing.

All in-person or online submissions must be received by September 15, 2023.

In addition to submissions from congregants, we are also looking to include other notable items in the Time Capsule such as newspaper clippings, photographs, the Anniversary Sunday program as well as items from the Children’s Church, The Choir of MCC Toronto and from the students of The Triangle Program.

Do you have any suggestions on things that we might like to include in the Time Capsule? Or do you have questions? Email or call (416) 406-6228 ext. 126

If you are unable to pick-up a Time Capsule form from MCC Toronto at any point over the next two months due to geography or other circumstances, you are welcome to complete an online form.

Online Time Capsule Submission form

Thank you for your participation!

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