MCCT’s Got Talent 2016!

For Homecoming 2016 we are having our very first MCCT Variety show starring YOU our congregants! You are invited to come and audition whatever it is that you would like to show us so we can help bring about MCCT’s GOT TALENT 2016!

So if you sing or dance, if you write or do impersonations, if you play the spoons, balance things on some part of your body, if you are a bit of a stand-up comedian or a magician or a wiz at something unique or unusual now is the time to come out and play!

Auditions will be held the evening on May 1 starting at 12:30 p.m. and we promise a warm and supportive environment – Sign up for an audition at music@mcctoronto.com

Let’s celebrate and showcase our community in an evening of …the wonderful… the whimsical …and the weird!