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  • Triangle Program helps students fall in love with school again

    Travis and Monica live in the same apartment building as I do. Over the years I would see them out supporting the LGBTQ community at many events. I saw their daughter grow up but I knew that they were home schooling her. Two years ago they told me that their daughter was transitioning to male.

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MCC Toronto is a vibrant, inclusive and progressive Christian community. We are Canada's most progressive church. We are open to every person. Wherever you are on the journey, you are welcome here.

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Refugee Project

The world is facing the worst refugee crisis in history. MCC Toronto’s Refugee Program provides hope for LGBTQ refugees in Canada who fear, or who’ve experienced, persecution, violence or risk to their lives in their home countries. To date, we’ve sponsored 13 refugees from Middle Eastern and African countries where it is dangerous to be LGBTQ, including some countries that still have the death penalty. As well, over 1,000 refugee claimants have participated in our peer support activities. We work with others to speak out about and change the complex refugee system. Our work saves lives. MCC Toronto provides the overhead costs of the program. Private individual, corporate or foundation donors from the congregation and from the community donate to support the direct refugee sponsorship and program costs. Please join our work!