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Living the Vision!

8:50am, 10:50am and 7:00pm
Webcast Live at 10:50am
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Welcome home.

Our mission is to build bridges with a vibrant spirituality that transforms lives and transforms the world.

Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto is the spiritual home to a diverse and progressive community of faith. We are rooted in the teachings and spiritual practices of Christianity. We also respect the rich wisdom of other faith traditions. We believe in a relevant and forward-thinking spirituality. We are proud to be a congregation serving people with assorted beliefs, backgrounds and sexual identities. From our origins serving gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people, we have become an inclusive and affirming congregation that actively welcomes all people. We are called to build bridges that transform lives and transform our world. We are called to welcome others into the experience of a spirituality that is vibrant, inclusive and progressive. We are called to generously share our time, talents and resources. We are called to be beacons of faith, freedom and justice here and around the world.

Our vision is to be Canada’s leading progressive diverse community of faith.

MCC Toronto is a growing congregation. As we welcome all people we will grow in diversity. We are working towards building new ministries with youth, young adults, seniors and young families with children. We will be a persuasive advocate for social justice and human rights around the world. We will be a resource to other congregations. We will be Canada’s leading progressive Christian community of faith.

Latest News

  • What Are You Thankful For?

    “What are you thankful for?” It has become tradition to ask this question around the table at Thanksgiving. In these exciting times, most of us have immense riches as well as ponderous problems, and the latter can prevent us from seeing the former. By asking ourselves this question, we can show ourselves that we really more »

  • The Magna Carta Exhibit

    View the 800 year old document that brought the rule of law into our justice system.

  • Rev. Dr. Hawkes Named to the Order of New Brunswick

    August 3 was New Brunswick Day, and the province of Rev. Dr. Hawkes’ birth celebrated by naming ten accomplished New Brunswickers to the Order of New Brunswick. From the provincial government’s website: “The award honours current or former long-time residents of New Brunswick who have demonstrated a high level of individual excellence and achievement in more »

  • About Triangle Program Educator Jeffrey White

    This Sunday, our guest preacher is someone who is familiar to MCC Toronto – on weekdays. Now, he will be with us to share his moving story at worship. Jeffrey White is a teacher at the Triangle Program, Canada’s only alternative highschool for LGBTQ youth who have encountered bullying in the regular school system. He more »

  • Brent’s Birthday Greetings

    Those of you who attended the gala celebration of Brent’s 65th birthday on June 10 will remember the wonderful collection of video greetings that were shown throughout dinner. And those of you who were unable to attend should have a chance to see all those heartwarming videos! So we have finally collected them all in more »

Refugee and Immigration Project

Since 2005, MCC Toronto volunteers have been hosting monthly LGBT support group meetings with hundreds having attended. Approximately 80-90% have been successfully accepted into Canada. The Refugee and Immigration Project will work in cooperation and collaboration with over 32 other organizations and agencies to achieve its purpose and objectives. This ministry, started by a group of volunteers, began with a peer support group assisting inland refugee claimants integrate into the LGBT community in Toronto. Inland claimants are those who come to Canada and make a claim at an Immigration office in Canada seeking Canada’s protection as they are in fear of persecution in their home country. They will be scheduled to have a hearing at Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board for that purpose. Since that time we have helped over 700 refugee claimants on their spiritual path by demonstrating to them that they are loved and are a valued member of society just the way they were created.