The DNA Project

An Overview

Launched in June 2001 and completed in July, 2003, the DNA Project involved over 1,000 members of the MCC Toronto congregation and larger community. The project is called the DNA Project, because like DNA in living things, our DNA, or unique identity (who we are, what we believe in, and what we are trying to become) is found in our Core Values, Bedrock Beliefs, Motivating Vision, and Key Mission.

Over the course of several years, after holding focus groups, congregational gatherings and conducting interviews, we discerned our Core Values, Bedrock Beliefs, Motivating Vision and Key Mission.

Our Core Values evident at MCC Toronto today are:

  • Caring & Compassion
  • Spirituality & Faith
  • Joy & Celebration
  • Leadership & Courage
  • Advocacy & Diversity

Our Bedrock Beliefs are the principles of faith, which empower us to grasp each new day as holding positive potential, and they are:

At MCC Toronto we believe…

  • In a loving and good God, known by many names
  • God’s love is offered to everyone unconditionally
  • There are many paths to God, one of them is Christianity
  • God is everywhere, with us always, gives us strength, and works through us
  • Every person is created in the image of God, and is inherently good
  • All life is a gift from God, and each life has a purpose
  • Jesus is our teacher, example, saviour and friend
  • In the power and effectiveness of prayer
  • And we believe in eternal life

The banners on display in the Social Hall of the church celebrate and affirm our Core Values and Bedrock Beliefs.

Our Motivating Vision:

  • The Vision of MCC Toronto is to be a bridge.

Our Key Mission:

Our Key Mission clearly and simply states our purpose for existing as a church. It answers these questions for the members of the congregation and the community:

What is it that God means us to do as a church – what is our unique ministry?

Our Key Mission is:

  • For All People
  • Becoming More Together
  • Experience The Power
  • Welcome Home

The completion of the DNA project was an exciting milestone for MCC Toronto. The quality of the result reflects the hard work, dedication and commitment of the project team and as well as the members of the congregation, who kept faith with the process and participated fully throughout.

The banners on display in the Sanctuary of the church celebrate and affirm our Core Values, Bedrock Beliefs, Motivating Vision and Key Mission.