Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches

A Brief History of Metropolitan Community Churches

In 1968, before the Stonewall Riots and the Christopher Street Parades, the Reverend Troy Perry founded Metropolitan Community Church of Los Angeles to serve the spiritual needs of gay and lesbian people. His action was revolutionary and transformational.

Since that time, Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches has stood in the face of adversity serving as a safe haven for those rejected by other religious communities and becoming an essential, life-affirming link in the chain of lesbian and gay identity and affiliation. Local Metropolitan Community churches have been the birthplace of dozens of different gay and lesbian organizations and projects across the world, and have played a vital role in the development of the global gay and lesbian community.

We are now a denomination of 300+ churches all across the world. In cities large and small, these churches frequently play a pivotal role in their communities advocating for justice and fighting homophobia.

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