Social Justice Network

MCC Toronto’s Social Justice Network seeks to promote social justice in our faith community and our neighourhood, city, and country, through advocacy, education, governance, and project development.

We meet regularly and we’re involved in a number of issues and concerns. If you’re passionate about social justice, connect with us!


  • SJN Movie Night

    Winter In Summertime: Frozen Sing-Along Chillin’ with the Social Justice Network Join us on Friday, August 25th at 6:30 p.m. for our Social movie night. We will be screening the special Family-Friendly Disney’s Frozen, the Sing-Along Edition, in the Social Hall. The movie tells the story of a fearless princess who sets off on a journey […]


The Social Justice Network at MCC Toronto works to advance and promote a number of grass-roots issues and initiatives. We connect regularly to identify new areas of concern, plan participation in key movements, and strategize methods of community engagement.

  • Prisoners’ Justice in Canada

    ‎Prisoners’ Justice Day in Canada has stood for, and been hailed as, a somber reminder of the unnecessary deaths of Edward Nalon on August 10th 1974 and Robert Landers in May of 1976. Both men died while being detained in Millhaven Prison’s Maximum Security segregation unit. Initially, the recognition of August 10th as Prisoners’ Justice […]

  • Partnership with Canadian Indigenous People

    First Peoples once thrived in this land as strong self-governing nations,meeting the challenges of existence in a harsh environment. Modern history changed that reality and not for the better.

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