Children’s Ministry

An Overview

The Children and Family Ministry creates meaningful connections with each other, our families, communities and God. Our journey is to help children and families grow spiritually and equip each other with the gifts to be emotionally resilient, compassionate and confident people in the world.

We do this through investing in quality programs that nurture connection, build community and fosters genuine appreciation of people’s varied gifts and talents.

We begin nurturing connection and community with our Nursery program. Our Nursery staff know the importance of providing a safe and secure space for our youngest to grow and experience as place of love. Nursery staff are professionally trained and welcome all children from birth to 2 yrs. at both morning services.

We continue to nurture connection and build a community of children through our Children’s Spirituality Centre. This dynamic worshipful experience allows children to fully know themselves within community and in relationships with their friends and God. Through the use of wooden figures stories unfold and come to life each week in ways that engage children’s natural curiosity, creativity and wonder. Our prayers of gratitude promote healthy expression of appreciation for the goodness of life. We help children develop a belief system that is informed by knowledge, diverse spiritual practises and a touch of holy mystery.

For more information contact aholmes@mcctoronto.com