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As identifying as LGBTQ+ is still a criminal offence in 70 countries—and punishable by death in eight—the plight of people who are unable to be their authentic selves, and to freely love who they love, remains a significant human rights crisis. Whether from Afghanistan, Nigeria or Turkey, many of these LGBTQ+ individuals face daily danger, threats of violence or arrest, and state sanctioned persecution. Choosing to leave your home, family and country is one of the hardest, cruelest decisions one can be forced to make—but for many it is a life or death necessity.

Established in 2007 as our signature human rights program, MCC Toronto’s LGBTQ+ Refugee Programs provides life changing—and in many cases—life-saving work to LGBTQ+ refugees here in Canada and around the world.

Through our work with LGBTQ+ refugees in Canada, we provide vital one-on-one and peer support to help them find a community to call their own and the resources needed to prepare for their Refugee Board hearings. In partnership with other local and national refugee-serving organizations, MCC Toronto advocates tirelessly on behalf of the participants we serve and in furtherance of the needs of LGBTQ+ refugees world-wide. As the exclusive Sponsorship Agreement Holder (SAH) for LGBTQ+ refugees to Canada, we work with sponsorship teams to help bring LGBTQ+ refugees safely to Canada.

Our work was highlighted in a recent CBC Radio Tapestry broadcast. You can listen to stories on the impact of our work here.

We are proud of the work we do in support of LGBTQ+ refugees, but we need your help.

MCC Toronto receives no government funding and is entirely dependent on the generosity of our congregants and community members who share our commitment to offer hope, support and opportunity to those in need.

Please consider making a one-time gift in support of our programs or consider joining our family of monthly donors. Your support will help MCC Toronto continue to grow supports to LGBTQ+ refugees and to respond to increasing need.

Support Our LGBTQ+ Refugee Programs

MCC Toronto is grateful to acknowledge the following Foundations for their continuing support of our LGBTQ+ Refugee Programs:

The Catherine & Maxwell Meighen Foundation
Tippet Foundation

Questions about supporting our LGBTQ+ Refugee Programs? Contact giving@mcctoronto.com.



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