Speaking Out

Our Human Rights work


To advocate and create community in pursuit of freedom for 2SLGBTQ+ people to live full, open and authentic lives and to work in solidarity with other anti-oppression movements.


Our voice (to advocate and elevate the voices of others) and our space (a sanctuary and a place for community).

Values (how we do our work):

  • Impact: we make a difference.
  • Anti-oppression: we seek to challenge systems of oppression.
  • Inclusive and welcoming: we believe that everyone matters and everyone belongs.
  • Brave and courageous: we act boldly on behalf of what we believe in.
  • Connection and community: we bring people together.
  • Celebration: we celebrate our community and its successes.

2023 Strategic Priorities:

To develop its preliminary strategic priorities, MCC Toronto talked to dozens and dozens of 2SLGBTQ+ community leaders, 2SLGBTQ+ serving organizations and other groups working in the human rights space. We talked to MCC Toronto members and congregants about their pride in MCC Toronto’s legacy human rights work and their thoughts for the future. Our objective in these discussions was to develop a flexible framework and work plan that addresses real community need, that builds on MCC Toronto’s foundational work, without duplicating programs and/or services offered elsewhere.

In 2023, we will focus on:

1. Anti-Hate Initiatives

One of the most significant threats facing the 2SLGBTQ+ community is the rising vilification of trans and gender diverse people. Trans identities are mocked, trans adults face violent harassment (and worse) online and in person, and various trans-related populations and subjects have been the focus of organized right-wing efforts. Through new programming and advocacy efforts, MCC Toronto Human Rights work will focus on providing supports for trans and gender diverse folks and tackling gender-based hate.

2. Queer Youth Mental Wellness

Mental wellness is foundational in living a free, authentic and open life. No members of the 2SLGBTQ+ community are more vulnerable than children and youth. MCC Toronto has long supported the well-being of young people, primarily by housing the Triangle Program. Over the next year, MCC Toronto will roll-out programming that will maximize the number of touchpoints with queer youth through new partnerships and new programs.

As part of our work, please review other available support for queer youth mental wellness here.

3. LGBTQ+ Refugee Programs

Over the past year, MCC Toronto has seen a drastic increase in the number of LGBTQ+ refugees coming through our door. Building on the work we have already done, MCC Toronto intends to expand the breadth and depth of program offerings to LGBTQ+ refugees.

4. Community Sanctuary and Hub

Recently, MCC Toronto undertook much needed renovations to our public spaces. Our intention was to create new, flexible and modular spaces that would be warm and welcoming for new MCC Toronto programming but that would also be available to other like-minded community organizations working with the 2SLGBTQ+ community or within the human rights space.

Interested in learning more about partnering with MCC Toronto to access our spaces? Please contact chicks@mcctoronto.com.

5. Building Partnerships to Address Human Rights Violations

Through its elevated human rights work, MCC Toronto will – for the first time – be in a position to more actively develop new partnerships and engage in coalitions and campaigns to address human rights violations, whether around the world or here at home. Recently, MCC Toronto joined with our Dignity Network partners to bring attention to – and Canadian government action on – a new anti-LGBTQ+ law in Uganda that could result in the death of LGBTQ+ persons simply for being themselves. We are also participating in a Human Rights Watch Campaign to address the issue of refugees being incarcerated in some Canadian provinces (including Ontario) on immigration-related grounds every year.

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