Sunday November 4- Pride & Joy

The members of Pride and Joy have recently celebrated the group’s 15th anniversary as an outreach ministry of this church. Their mission is to be a joyful healing presence for others through music. They believe that music is a universally understood language connecting people together, regardless of any faith or cultural differences. Music is a gift from God, a gift that they feel compelled to share with others, and so this smaller chamber choir goes out into the community to sing at community and corporate events, weddings, and funerals. Since their first public performance in autumn 2002, the group has traveled all around southern Ontario. Pride and Joy has included over 25 members in its history, and the current members have over 450 years’ singing experience! Pride and Joy is thrilled to be featured on the choir’s most recent recording, These Old Walls, and performed their first cabaret, right here at MCCT in 2014. They are honoured to have received the MCCT Vision Alive Award in 2015. They can be reached at