November 18- Phoebe Hu and Peter Henderson

Phoebe Hu

Phoebe is 8 years old in Canada, and 5 years old in MCC choir. But her human age remains a mystery.

Born and raised in Taiwan, Phoebe started her training in classical music, became a hip hop dancer, and completed her BA in Foreign Languages and Literatures. Then Mom said it’s time for her to channel all her talent into marrying a rich successful man – so she channeled all her resources and flew to Canada instead, with two suitcases, 3 cats and her best friend/partner in life.

She is now a Toronto-based performer/movement & language coach in Theatre, Musical Theatre and Film/TV. And you might have seen her face recently in a casino commercial involving a cat party.

Phoebe is grateful to MCC and the choir -for keeping her privileges in check, for reminding her why she arts, and for being part of her hybrid Canadian family.

Peter Henderson

Peter grew up in rural Ontario where, without a lot else to do, he spent many hours sitting in front of his parents’ old Zenith console singing along to the likes of the Carpenters, Elvis, Englebert Humperdink, Tammy Wynette and Charlie Pride.

After university, Peter studied classical opera voice at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto.  He sings from time to time at weddings and other gatherings of family and friends, and at church.

Peter credits his love of music to his mother, who sang around the house in a beautiful, unacknowledged soprano voice as she went about her task of looking after 8 children.

Peter joined the choir in 2012.  In his spare time, he writes songs.