Join your MCC Toronto community in KEEPING THE FAITH.

In response to these unprecedented times, we at MCC Toronto continues to build and connect our community together and ensure Human Rights for all.

But we need your help to keep the faith.



Over the past eight months, we’ve seen our lives upended, our worlds became smaller and many of our hopes for the future were put on hold. However, we at MCC Toronto still live in hope, because during these challenging times we have seen people rise up, reach out, and connect like never before.

Here at MCC Toronto, we enhanced our Livestream Services to keep folks engaged and connected. We adapted our LGBTQ+ Refugee Programs to support vulnerable refugees in the City and those trapped due to closed borders. We introduced new Mid-Week Programming via ZOOM and Facebook Live, and feature special guests including Mayor John Tory. We extended desperately needed resources to our community members experiencing financial hardship through our Benevolence Fund. And we launched new initiatives like our Neighbourhood Networks Program to connect those who needed care with those who could offer it.

But as the realities of our current situation set in, MCC Toronto now finds itself well short of the financial resources needed to sustain and build out our spiritual and Human Rights work.

To address the significant budgetary shortfalls caused by COVID-19, we are launching the KEEPING THE FAITH Campaign, with the goal of raising $150,000 by December 31, 2020New goal: $200,000.

It’s an ambitious goal, but thanks to our good friend Margaret “Margie” McCain, we are well on our way! Mrs. McCain has generously agreed to match EVERY gift received through this Campaign for up to $75,000. This matching gift total has now been reached. Thank you, Mrs. McCain!

We know this has been an extremely difficult time for you, but we remain hopeful and have faith that together we can rise to meet this challenge.

Join us by making a special one-time financial gift in support of our year-end KEEPING THE FAITH Campaign.

We are grateful for your support.

Your Gift Doubled – A Matching Gift opportunity from the Hon. Margaret McCain


MCC Toronto has long been blessed by the extraordinary participation and generosity of Margaret “Margie” McCain. In support of our KEEPING THE FAITH Campaign, Mrs. McCain has extended an extremely kind and generous offer whereby she will match every gift we receive through this Campaign from now until December 31st, up to $75,000. This matching gif total has now been reached. Thank you, Mrs. McCain! 

In her own words:

“To me, my late husband Wallace, and the members of my family, MCC Toronto has always been a warm and welcoming place that redefines all notions of what diversity and inclusion could and should be. All kinds of people, from all walks of life, different religious backgrounds, sexual orientations, gender identities, cultures, and abilities coming together in joyous celebration under a welcoming veil of progressive spirituality. MCC Toronto has been – and always will be – the great equalizer, where all people are equal regardless of the divergent paths and lived experiences that have brought us here.

During this difficult time, MCC Toronto needs our help to address the significant revenue shortfall caused by COVID-19. I am pleased to extend this matching gift opportunity and I hope you will join me by making a special gift at this time to ensure that MCC Toronto can continue to be a place that builds community and ensures Human Rights for all.”

– Hon. Margaret McCain



With your support of our year-end KEEPING THE FAITH Campaign, you will help ensure MCC Toronto has the resources to:

  • End 2020 without the necessity of program or service cuts
  • Cover extra costs needed to implement COVID-19 health and safety protocols
  • Meet the needs of the LGBTQ2+ Youth in The Triangle Program, the LGBTQ2+ High School hosted at MCC Toronto in partnership with the Toronto District School Board

Join us by making a special one-time gift to MCC Toronto today.

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How are you Keeping Your Faith?

Join us every week, as we share an inspirational message from members of the MCC Toronto community on how they have been keeping their faith during these challenging times.

We know these past months have been difficult for all of us and we hope these inspiring messages will lift us up further, help us reach out more and motivate us to continue to connect.

Do you want to share how you’ve been keeping your faith? Email

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Thank you!

Many thanks for your support of our KEEPING THE FAITH Campaign.

The Campaign has ended.




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