Triangle Program helps students fall in love with school again

As a parent it is beautiful to see my son leave everyday with a smile!

Travis and Monica live in the same apartment building as I do. Over the years I would see them out supporting the LGBTQ community at many events. I saw their daughter grow up but I knew that they were home schooling her. Two years ago they told me that their daughter was transitioning to male. I told them about the Triangle program and they inquired and enrolled Axel in our school. I have seen Axel at MCCT when I am there on Thursdays for my Expansive Spiritual Gathering. He was so happy to introduce me to new friends that he now has in his life. Travis and Monica were at the graduation ceremony last month and were blown away by the whole experience and inclusive, positive atmosphere that was prevalent there. Here is what Monica said to me after I sent her a copy of the picture:

Awesome picture, thank you! Axel has not graduated yet. He will be attending Triangle Program until he does though! I can honestly say that Triangle Program made Axel love school again. He looks forward to going every day and has excelled. As a parent it is beautiful to see my son leave everyday with a smile!

Thought I would just share this with you. On so many levels I am so proud of MCCT and the work that is done. Love, Donald Peter.