Community Outreach Partnership Grant Application

You may submit a grant application form at any time. Applications will only be reviewed during the selection period. The selection periods begin during the third weeks of May and November. We may contact you during the selection period if we require more information to properly evaluate your application.

  • Organization Details

  • Executive Summary

  • How much funding do you require?
    Please enter a number from 100 to 5000.
  • Our Vision is to be Canada‚Äôs leading progressive diverse community of faith. Our Mission is to build bridges with a vibrant spirituality that transforms lives and transforms the world.
  • Organizational Profile

  • Please tell us briefly about your organization's past.
  • Please tell us briefly about your organization's mission.
  • Please tell us briefly about your organization's purpose and scope.
  • Please share with us your organization's accomplishments and/or awards.
  • Please outline your organization's key leadership structure and governance. Please include contact information where possible.
  • Please attach a current financial statement for your organization.
    Accepted file types: xls, txt, csv, jpg, png, pdf, gif.
  • Comments

  • Please include any additional information that you believe is relevant.

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