Fiercely Proud Donors

We are enormously grateful to the following donors who made FIERCELY PROUD gifts in honour of people in their lives with whom they are fiercely proud, and in support of MCC Toronto’s work. Thank you! 


Ron Beben 

is Fiercely Proud of 

Bill Denison 


Brad Berg & Brian Rolfes 

in Memory of 

Two Fiercely Proud Mothers – Merrel & Deanie Berg 


Lori Boyce & Jennifer Alexander 

are Fiercely Proud of 

MCC Toronto staff, volunteers & congregants for their outstanding resilience, creativity, passion & commitment to connect, engage & build community during the pandemic 


Anne Brayley & Nanette Sanson 

are Fiercely Proud of 

The incredible staff and volunteer teams at MCC Toronto 


Jane Craig & Linda Genser 

are Fiercely Proud of 

Revs. Jeff, Deana and June and Music Director Jason Jestadt for keeping us all connected for the past 16 months 


Walter Donovan 

is Fiercely Proud of 

Eddie Whittle & Paulo Jones 


Allister Douglas & John Vigna

 are Fiercely Proud of

Late Mom Syble G. Douglas


William Downey 

is Fiercely Proud of 

Stephen Park 


John R. Farrell 

is Fiercely Proud of 

My partner for running a half marathon 


Janet Fitzsimmons & Rev. Deana Dudley 

are Fiercely Proud of  

Rev. Sam Morris 


Andrew Fleming & Roger Keglevich 

are Fiercely Proud of 

Our MCC Toronto family 


Teresa Harvey 

is Fiercely Proud of 

Jason Jestadt & the wonderful Choir of MCC Toronto 


Lisa Landrey & Claire Lavoie 

are Fiercely Proud of 

Their niece Amanda for her always positive attitude working as an Early Childhood Educator through the pandemic  


Joan Lowden & Susan Maddick 

are Fiercely Proud of 

MCC Toronto staff and volunteers and The Choir of MCC Toronto 


Jim & Deborah Marshall

are Fiercely Proud of 

Mike Norris


Catherine Meade 

is Fiercely Proud of 

Cathy Potts (Lt Col Potts) 


Jim Robertson & Jim Scott 

are Fiercely Proud of 

Being part of a progressive Church and our wonderful Choir 


Rev. Jeff Rock 

is Fiercely Proud of Revs. Deana & June 


Bruce Walker 

is Fiercely Proud of 

Lloyd Simmons 


Wendy Willik 

is Fiercely Proud of 

Rev. June Joplin 



Is Fiercely Proud of  

Sandra Millar 

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