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Sustained Giving

Sustained-Giving Makes Your Donation More Convenient

Sustained Giving is also known as Automated Giving, and can make your donation to the church much more convenient through automatic deductions.

If you have automatic deductions from your bank account or credit card to pay for insurance, car payment or your mortgage, then you understand the Automated Giving principle. It means your weekly, monthly or quarterly contributions come to us throughout the year. This method saves us money by lowering administration costs and allows us to plan our budgets more accurately, because pre-authorized donations guarantee us a steady income stream on a regular basis.

Also by signing up for Automated Giving you don’t have to worry about missing your contribution when you cannot attend Sunday Service!

If you’d like to arrange Automated Giving, you should:

  • decide the amount of your weekly, monthly, quarterly offering
  • fill in the flap on an Offertory Envelope located in your pew (include a sample cheque from your account marked “Void” if you’d like automatic withdrawals from your bank account.)
  • Place the envelope in the offering basket during service, give it to the Information Centre or mail it to us when complete.

Credit Card (Visa & Mastercard)

Complete a Pledge Card indicating which credit card you wish to use. Include your card number and expiry date, the dollar amount you want charged to your credit card and when you wish to have it debited to your account. Or simply donate below and join our Circle of Friends program.

Donate Now

Become an sustainer of MCC Toronto by signing up for Automated Giving.

Postdated Cheques

Supply postdated cheques, made payable to MCC Toronto. We will hold your cheques in the church office and deposit them on the cheque date.

Recurring Giving

Offering Envelopes – Cheque – Credit Card – Cash Offering

Ask us for an offering envelope number and a year’s supply of offering envelopes in which to put your cheque or cash offering. If you are visiting or do not have or want a supply of these envelopes please use the white envelope located in the church pews. Fill in the front portion and place on the offering basket. If you choose the Recurrent Giving Option you will receive quarterly statements so you may track your donations.

What are the Advantages of P.A.P.?

  • You won’t have to worry about cash or loose change when the plate gets passed around during
    each Sunday Service.
  • You get your air miles or reward points through certain bank account or credit card deductions!
  • You don’t have to worry about missing your contribution when you cannot attend Sunday Service.
  • The church gets your constant and steady support to provide the spiritual sanctuary for all, and carry out the wonderful programs that it offers.
  • It cuts down on administrative work for the staff and enables them to put more energy into improving other areas in the church.

“But I feel strange not physically putting something into the plate on Sundays if I’m on E-Giving”
Don’t worry about feeling strange not putting anything into the offering place – there are E-giving indicator cards found in the pews that you can put into the plate, just so you won’t feel out of place (which is very common when anyone first starts on this plan).

So come join many in the congregation that have already signed up!

Charitable Giving and the CRA

For more information about making charitable gifts, please consult the Canada Revenue Agency’s “Giving to Charity” web site at www.cra.gc.ca/donors.

Tax receipts will be issued in February each year for all annual accumulated donations of $25 or more. MCC Toronto’s Charitable Business number is 13035-3469-RR0001.