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Affecting Change, Transforming Lives

Donate Now

Support the work of MCC Toronto by contributing once or monthly.

For over 45-years, MCC Toronto The Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto (MCC Toronto) has been helping shape Canadian values of inclusion, diversity, and equality. And for 45-years, it has truly been the generosity and support of our members and the broader community that have enabled MCC Toronto to become not only a progressive place of worship but also a place of action with an on-going mission to affect change and transform lives through our vital human rights and social justice work.

The support of donors enables MCC Toronto to be and do more in support of our communities. From responding to community members in need, to providing support to over 850 refugees each year through our LGBTQ2+ Refugee Program, to broadcasting our message of hope and love around the world each week, to public-facing and member engagement programs that are operated year-round, MCC Toronto is a vital community institution made stronger by the generosity of donors – like  you.


If you have any questions about how you can help affect change and transform lives at MCC Toronto, please contact giving@mcctoronto.com.

Please note that charitable tax receipts are issued in February each year for all annual accumulated donations of $25 or more. MCC Toronto’s registered charitable number is 13035-3469-RR0001.

Donor Bill of Rights

Being a Supporter of MCC Toronto

Each year, members of the congregation are asked to complete a Pledge Card during the pledge campaign in the fall. We don’t ask for this estimate just to be intrusive, we need the pledge information so that we can responsibly manage our budget throughout the year.

What Is A Pledge?

Your pledge is an indication of how much you plan to give the church in a given year. You may change or cancel your pledge at any time. If you pledge, giving statements will be mailed to you quarterly so you may track your donations.

How Much Should I Pledge?

We recognize that there are several worthy charities in Canada and around the world that you may choose to support.  We ask that you consider what you can afford across all of your giving and contribute to MCC Toronto accordingly.

How Can I Give?

Sustained Giving

You may make donations to MCC Toronto through Pre-Authorized Payments, postdated cheque, VISA, and MasterCard.

Sustained giving saves us money by lowering administration costs and allows us to plan our budgets more accurately because pre-authorized donations guarantee us a steady income stream on a regular basis. Signing up for Sustained Giving you don’t have to worry about missing your contribution when you cannot attend Sunday Service!

Sustained GivingLearn All The Details

Recurrent Giving

Recurrent Giving allows you to use our Offering Envelopes to provide your offering on Sundays in the offering basket. You can request an envelope offering number and we will supply a year’s worth of offering envelopes for your donation each Sunday.

Recurrent GivingLearn All The Details

Legacy Circle – Planned Giving

As part of your long-term financial planning, a planned gift can offer you substantial tax and estate planning benefits. It is a way for you to leave a lasting legacy and secure our ministry for future generations and save taxes with gifts of stock, life insurance, annuities, trusts, and bequests. It’s a way for you to be a key MCC Toronto supporter while meeting your personal financial goals. Planned giving includes Bequests, Gifts-In-Kind, Life Insurance and gifts of Publicly Traded Securities.

Planned GivingLearn All The Details

Work Place Giving

Thousands of companies, including corporations, foundations, not-for-profit organizations, and associations, match their employees’ (and often retirees’, spouses’, and board members’) charitable contributions, and when you give to MCC Toronto you can extend your giving through your company. Additionally, if you’re already making a donation to The United Way, you can allocate a portion of your donation to MCC Toronto!

Work-Place GivingLearn All The Details

In Memoriam Gifts & Dedication Days

Acknowledge that you remember and celebrate someone you love with an In Memoriam gift or mark your special celebrations or special occasion with a commemorative donation!

In Memoriam & Dedication Days GivingLearn All The Details

Advertising Opportunities

Another way to give to MCC Toronto is to advertise in our printed Sunday News and in our digital eNews. Your company can benefit from the weekly congregational audience of over 600 people, and over 1000 recipients of our online eNews each week.

Advertising with MCC Toronto learn All The Details

My Information Has Changed

If you have any problems with your offering envelopes, or to provide an address change, you can email the information or problem here, or just drop off the information at the information desk.

Thank You For Your Gifts

Your abundant giving allows us to transform lives!

For more information please contact:

John Farrell
Phone: 416-406-6228 ext. 126