Congregational Campaign Co-Chairs: Jennifer Alexander & Lori Boyce

Sitting in the first-row centre pew, where they sat almost 20 years ago at their wedding ceremony, Jennifer Alexander and Lori Boyce reflect on the the first time they came to MCC Toronto.

Lori first came to MCC Toronto in 1984, when she spotted an ad in The Body Politic magazine. As an avid United Church goer, she decided to give this new Church a chance. So, like many first-times, Lori sat at the back of the Church, quietly scanning the faces. A short while into the service, Lori was delighted. Not only as a “young single gay woman” she could see herself reflected in the audience, she was overjoyed to hear the sermon of that day about unconditional love for all people. “It felt comfortable, welcoming, and just felt right!” Lori said. Since then, MCC Toronto has became an important part of Lori’s life. Besides taking on various roles and responsibilities at the Church, such as serving as Co-Chair of its board of directors, MCC Toronto is where Lori met her wife, Jennifer.

Contrary to Lori, Jennifer’s involvement with MCC Toronto began on a somber note. She first came to our Church in 1998, when her partner, Deb, was battling cancer and wanted to attend Sunday Services. After Deb’s passing a year later, Jennifer kept coming to MCC Toronto even though she wasn’t religious. ” Even though I have a family, Sundays seemed to be very lonely for me. I think when I came here, I felt a sense of Deb” Jennifer remembered. Not long after, Jennifer, much like Lori, began volunteering to support the Church, and that’s how they met.

Watch Jennifer and Lori’s heartwarming story of how they met at MCC Toronto

“I believe we are the best game in town! We do a tremendous work, and we get results.” 

-Lori Boyce

Jennifer and Lori are proud to serve as Co-chairs of the Congregational Campaign and they are thrilled at the plans to refurbish their sanctuary home which has been part of so many  beautiful memories they have created together. “We see it as our legacy,” said Jennifer, “The Social Hall will be done. The kitchen is fabulous. But, to me, the Sanctuary is the icing on the cake.”

Hear Jennifer and Lori’s thoughts on MCC Toronto’s impact

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