Campaign Vision & Outcomes

Our vision through the ELEVATION Campaign is for MCC Toronto to be a powerhouse human rights organization that brings community together to achieve human rights for all.

We are excited by what we can achieve together!

Of the $5 million being raised through the ELEVATION Campaign:

– $2 million will go in support on new Human Rights programming
– $2.25 million will go in support of building improvements
– $500,000 will go to an endowment to provide sustainability to our human rights work for the future
– $250,000 to technology enhancements to improve our reach and impact

Specific Outcomes include:

  • Creating the position of a full-time human rights director who help anchor our elevated commitment to human rights.
  • Creating the position of a full-time human rights director who help anchor our elevated commitment to human rights.
  • Launching a new stream of diverse and interactive human rights programming beginning this fall that will bring communities together. Through an on-going series of educational workshops, panel discussions and other special programs, we will engage community members on human rights issues, and provide opportunities for them to get involved and take action.
  • Providing core funding for our LGBTQ+ Refugee Programs so they can assist the 50 LGBTQ+ Afghan Refugees awaiting sponsorship to come Canada that reached out to us in the month of January alone, and the new wave of Ukrainian LGBTQ+ Refugees we know are coming.
  • Creating a dedicated computer lab for our LGBTQ+ refugee participations so they have a place and the resources to prepare for their refugee hearings.
  • Launching a Youth Empowering Youth Human Rights Program that will raise up the next generation of leaders.
  • Bringing together human rights leaders from diverse communities to offer leadership development training.
  • Developing new partnerships and alliances with other human rights organizations and community groups to forge new strategies for tackling critical human rights issues.
  • Working with interfaith leaders to combat islamophobia, anti-Semitism, homophobia, and transphobia together.

To accommodate this increased human rights programming, MCC Toronto To accommodate this new human rights programming, the ELEVATION Campaign is also helping fund much-need renovations to our public spaces. We will re-create our Social Hall as a new human rights community-hub. We will create new meeting and learning spaces for programming and community engagement.

Through the ELEVATION Campaign we will also be leveraging new technologies to expand the reach of our current and future online programing and creating an endowment to ensure this human rights work can continue into the future.

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