Annual Congregational Business Meeting 2024

MCC Toronto’s Annual Congregational Business Meeting is scheduled for July 9, 2023 following our Sunday Worship Service. All members, congregants and interested parties are welcome to join us.

Here are some pre-read documents to inform our congregants in advance of that meeting.


  • Call to Order
  • Opening Prayer
  • Establishment of Quorum
  • Motion to approve 2024 ACBM Agenda
  • Motion to approve amended 2023 ACBM Minutes
  • Senior Pastor’s Report 2024 (received for information)
  • Motion to receive Audited Financial Statements for 2023
  • Motion to appoint Hilborn LLC as the Auditor for 2024
  • Election of Members to the Board of Directors
  • Thanking of Outgoing Members of Board of Directors
  • Motion for Call to Adjourn
  • Closing Prayer

2022 ACBM Minutes

Link to 2022 ACBM Minutes: Minutes of the 2022 ACBM

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2023 Audited Statement

Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto 12-31-23 Draft

If accessibility requirements prevent you from being able to view or read this document, please contact and our staff will assist in finding a solution.

Candidates for Election to MCC Toronto’s Board of Directors:

James Beattie

Picture of James BeattieMy membership in MCC Toronto followed the overt and kind invitation to attend services by our dedicated pew family member Paul Gray. He in turn had been invited by others. Truly upon my first visit, I felt “welcomed home”! My emotional response to the choir, the liturgy, the Reverend’s message, and the people was beyond profound. It felt like a salve to a wound that I didn’t know I had!

This opportunity for awesome community involvement for me at MCC has included dishwashing at the Christmas Community Dinner under the able leadership of Linda, singing in the Christmas Choir, webcasting, learning such awesome technical skills and most recently as a member of the Bass section in the MCC Choir under the auspicious direction of Jason Jestadt!

MCC Toronto has such a vibrant history upon which we are offered the stewardship to grow, strengthen and bring joy to our world!

Growing brings opportunities and challenges. I have found the best way to bridge those includes clarity, transparency, and candour all done in a kind & loving manner!

Building upon this Spiritual home that sets the standard for vibrant, inclusive, and progressive actions, is key to our legacy. Sharing gifts, teachings and messages of this community must take a central role in our broader world. We are needed in a loud and proud manner around not just our world, but the world!

I bring business prowess, accomplishments in the not for profit volunteer world, an ability to listen, a drive and a desire to spread our messages of joy & inclusion to the Board. I would be honored to serve with your support.

Picture of Colleen Kenny

Colleen Kenny

My passion is to give back to my community. After 35 years of volunteering, in 2015, I was awarded the Sovereign’s metal for volunteers by the Governor General of Canada. My volunteer passions include the sick kids hospital, children’s aid and Etobicoke Support Services for seniors to name a few. Prior to retirement I worked as a senior underwriter for 30 years.

I have been attending MCC Toronto regularly for the last 6 yrs. It has become my second home. I am looking forward to giving back to my LGBTQ+ community and focusing a light on the needs of the seniors in our community.

As a board member I will bring new and creative ways to engage our community and help transform lives and the world. MCC Toronto’s vision to be a growing, inclusive spiritual community aligns with my personal goals. I will continue to build bridges specifically in the marginalized community and bring people physically back to the church.

Valerie Mills

Picture of Valerie MillsWith a wink and a smile, she’s always there to give a helping hand. As a young person, Valerie had always been a strong advocate for justice which lead her to a degree in Sociology and diploma as law clerk. In her current employment for the past two plus decades, she holds the position as a paralegal in which she advocates for adults who have a mental disability and amongst other things, are not able to manage their finances. Valerie also enjoys music. She has played the organ, flute and piano. But her passion is singing. She enjoys singing R&B, gospel, funk and opera. Valerie is a member of the MCC Toronto choir and has sung as an alto for several years. Rumour has that her godmother and Louis Armstong recorded a song back in the day. When she is not singing (hmmm), she enjoys reading, watching the series Forensic Files, watching old movies, and hanging out with friends and family.

Valerie’s goal as a member of the Board for MCC Toronto is to ensure that the church is fully inclusive for everyone. With that being said, and with a background in law and excellent mediation skills, she hopes that she will be able to, in conjunction with the other Board members, change legislation, advocate for all persons at the church, re open a suggestion box to deal with questions to move the church’s advocacy forward, and to put MCC Toronto as the foremost in the area of true human rights for the LGBTQ2+ communities and for all.