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Advocacy plays a critical role in advancing the long-standing mission of MCC Toronto to uphold the values of anti-oppression, bravery, community impact, and celebration. By advocating for the rights and needs of our communities, we can challenge systemic discrimination and oppression, raise awareness, and effect change. By standing up for historically silenced voices, MCC Toronto can embody our values in practice. Since 1973, MCC Toronto has been helping shape Canadian values of inclusion, diversity, and equality. To read more about the history of MCC Toronto’s advocacy, please visit our About Us page.

1) MCC Toronto’s LGBTQ+ Refugee Program

MCC Toronto helps LGBTQ+ refugees, refugee claimants and newcomers find safety and community in Canada. If you identify as LGBTQ+ and are a refugee who has experienced discrimination, violence or threats of violence or other forms of persecution on the basis of your gender identity, expression, or sexual orientation, we may be able to assist and support you through our programs. We also encourage refugee claimants as well as those interested in sponsoring a LGBTQ+ refugee or joining a sponsorship team to learn more here.

2) Proud Voices

Join us in person at 115 Simpson Ave, Toronto on the last Friday of each month for Proud Voices. This event brings together influential queer authors, educators, and advocates from different fields for insightful interviews and engaging Q&A sessions, centered around the intersection of queerness, faith, and education.

Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and hear firsthand experiences and perspectives from these trailblazers, gaining valuable insights into navigating the complexities of queerness within diverse religious and educational contexts.

3) Rainbow Coalition for Refugee

Members of our Human Rights Centre staff are honoured to sit on the Rainbow Coalition for Refugees, a group of LGBTQ+ organizations from across Canada that offers support, information, and system navigation to refugees and refugee claimants seeking refugee status in Canada. Additionally, the coalition advocates on a political level for queer-specific needs to be met on governmental levels to make systemic change for queer newcomers.


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