2023 Anniversary Awards & Membership Medallion Milestones

At our Sunday, July 9 Worship Service, MCC Toronto was very proud to announce the 2023 recipients of our Annual Awards and to celebrate special milestones of our members.

Beloved Disciple Award 

Presented to a person – or persons – for long-term, distinguished service to the Church


Picture of Dameon

A member since 1997, Dameon has been a remarkably engaged and long-standing volunteer at MCC Toronto. He served as a deacon for 12 years, a Worship Coordinator, and as a chef extraordinaire for so many of our community meals. Most recently, Dameon has been instrumental in re-launching our food programs out of our new Community Kitchen.  He and his cadre of fellow volunteers provided a delicious, hot meal twice a week for the kids in The Triangle Program, AND, he is behind the cookie-baking volunteers for our social hour, for which we all can be thankful.  We are grateful for the many, many ways Dameon supports our work and mission. 


Community Service Award 

Presented to remarkable people who have made significant contributions to our wider community 

André Goh

Picture of Andre GohWhile we treasure the people who volunteer their time and talents at MCC Toronto, we also value the extraordinary volunteerism of members and congregants to outside organizations doing good and important work. An MCC Toronto congregant since 2017 André Goh has made a career in the fields of human rights and diversity, equity and inclusion for decades, both here and abroad, and in government, the private sector and in the non-profit worldIn his volunteer capacity, he’s been on the Boards of many queer organizations including Gay Asians of Toronto, Asian Community AIDS Services, the AIDS Committee of Toronto, Khush, ASAAP, and many others 



Vision Alive 

Presented to wonderful people who have taken part of the vision for our Church and made it happen 

Mark (Oak) J. Asselin 

Picture of Mark Asselin

Earlier this year, MCC Toronto was thrilled to unveil our newly renovated McCain Family Social Hall and meeting rooms made possible by donors to our ELEVATION – MCC Toronto Campaign. It was a labour of love for many of us, but particularly to the person who was so integral to making it all happen.  Every flourish, every detail, every architectural delight – from the unveiling of the new clerestory windows, to the installation of the new curved wooden feature wall, to colour selection; all these elements came about through the creativity and hard work of Mark (Oak) J. Asselin, our much-loved Facilities Manager who died only a few months after our renovated spaces opened. Beyond being recognized as our 2023 Vision Alive Award recipient – the first time any of our Anniversary awards have been given posthumously – Mark is also recognized in perpetuity on a plaque bearing his name on our Facilities Office.   


2023 Membership Milestones 

MCC Toronto is pleased to celebrate 10, 25 and 40-year anniversary milestones of our members.  

10 Years 

Thomas Adebowale Falujo  

Joseph Barhoma 

Christine Davies 

Susan Gapka 

Margaret Anne Heiman 

Peter Henderson 

Karen Hoyland 

Charmaine Iding 

Eileen Jeffrey 

Jean-Aime Lalonde 

Annabelle Menezes 

Fabricio Moraes 

Andrew Newbery 

Michelle Pascal 

John Pichor 

John Pisano-Thomsen 

Robert Pisano-Thomsen 

Barry Pollock 

Becky Sappong-Kumankumah 

Leah Uchida 

25 years 

Ronald Beben 

Jude Bierma 

Marilyn Byers 

Anthony Gifford 

Luis Goncalves 

Janet Higgins 

Matthew Hughes 

Deborah Kinsella 

Allan Lyons 

Saudi Mohammed 

Terry Netherton 

40 years 

Bruce Weese 



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