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Below are common questions we get asked at MCC Toronto, with the answers. Click any question to have the answer toggle open.

Is MCC Toronto a registered charity and does it issue tax receipts for charitable contributions?

Yes, MCC Toronto is registered as a charitable organization with the Government of Canada, and its charitable registration number is 130353469RR0001. MCC Toronto issues tax receipts every January for eligible contributions received during the previous year. MCC Toronto also issues quarterly contribution statements to all donors so that donations may be tracked throughout the year.
For more information about charitable giving to MCC please contact our Manager of Development at or 416-406-6228 ext. 111.

Does MCC Toronto have a doctrine or statement of faith?

MCC Toronto embraces a set of core values and bedrock beliefs that shape What we do – that means we live our doctrine in our daily life as a spiritual community. Our motivating vision is to be a bridge. To read more about MCC Toronto, please visit MCC Toronto is a member of MCC Churches, a worldwide denomination. Please visit to read more about the beliefs, vision and mission of MCC Churches.

Does MCC Toronto receive money from MCC Churches (its denomination) or from any government to fund its programs?

No, MCC Toronto does not receive any funding from the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches (UFMCC). Nor do we receive any government funding for our programs. In fact, as a member of the denomination, MCC Toronto must pay tithes to the denomination. In 2006, we contributed $54,000 of cash and in-kind services to UFMCC.

Does MCC Toronto rent space in its building to other groups?

At present, MCC Toronto rents the space below the Social Hall to Toronto Premier Gymnastics. MCC Toronto also donates space in the building to other allied organizations such as the Triangle Program of the Toronto District School Board which otherwise might not be able to survive.

We’re a heterosexual couple – will one of the ministers at MCC Toronto perform our marriage?

Absolutely! We’re very pleased to celebrate all kinds of relationships at MCC Toronto, and we have always performed weddings for opposite-sex couples. We’re the church where everyone is welcome!

I understand the importance of the Roy Thompson service, but I miss having a Christmas morning service. With the increasing numbers of ministers and services, would it be possible to add one on Christmas? I, and my partner for one, would very much appreciate it.

From time to time we have talked about a Christmas Day service, and while we don’t have a plan to have one this year (we set our annual calendar well in advance), it’s something we could look at for future years, and we’ll definitely keep it on our radar.

I’m preparing my will and thinking about my estate right now. How can I leave money to MCC Toronto in my will? How do I let the church know about my decision to do that?

Leaving a Legacy for future generations at MCC Toronto can be done in many ways, and is unique for each individual. The more common methods are to designate a percentage of your total estate, real estate or securities. Other common options are to designate MCC Toronto as a beneficiary to RRSPs or Insurance policies. The last mentioned options may have the added benefit of tax reductions to your estate too. To get the greatest benefit out of Legacy Giving gift planning, you should consult your financial advisor or lawyer on which options are best for your situation. You can inform the church of your intentions by filling out a Legacy Circle form, which can be found in the pews or the information centre.

Does MCC Toronto have a succession plan in place for Rev. Dr. Brent Hawkes, its Senior Pastor?

Yes. In 2003, the Board of Directors adopted a Succession Plan for the Senior Pastor. To read about the plan visit our web site.

How do I volunteer at MCC Toronto?

  1. on a Sunday go to the V.I.P. (Volunteer Integration & Placement) desk in the Social Hall and the volunteer will assist in placing you in one of our many ministries.
  2. email our Coordinator of Volunteers & Engagement at who will assist you in finding a niche that fits your skills/passion
  3. answer an advert in Connections
  4. speak to any volunteer currently doing the work you would enjoy!

If I want to volunteer as a fundraiser, do I have to volunteer for 12 months of the year?

Not at all! In fact, we have fundraising events that involve time specific, dedicated and concentrated volunteering.

I have seen the Refugee Peer Support Group advertised. What does this group do?

The Refugee Peer Support Group offers individuals who have applied for Refugee status in Canada a chance to meet and support each other through the lengthy and involved refugee application process. At the August meeting, twelve refugee applicants representing six nations came together to discuss their individual situations. The group also has become involved in the life of the church through volunteering in several areas of ministry, and participated as a group in this year’s Pride Parade. The group is open to anyone who has applied for refugee status, or who would like to support those going through the process, and meets on the fourth Sunday of every month.

Can MCC Toronto help me with advance funeral planning?

Yes. First, download our Funeral Guide. Once completed, our funeral coordinator, Sandra Millar will meet with you to go over your details. While the church will keep a copy on file, also provide a copy to your lawyer and your executor.

Download Funeral Guide. Right-click on the file link and chose “save as” or “download linked file” to save to your computer.