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Triangle Program

MCC Toronto houses and financially supports Canada’s only and North America’s first alternative high school for at-risk LGBTQ youth. A joint partnership with the Toronto District School Board, it provides a safe space for LGBTQ teenagers to learn and pursue their education, free from the homophobia and bullying experienced in their former school settings. The program has helped more than 700 students since its inception in 1995.

Amazing Letter Sent to a Triangle Teacher from the Parent of a Triangle Student

I cannot believe it was two years ago that I sent my son up from Baltimore and left him in your care and the care of my cousin. The Triangle program did wonders for him. Slowly through time, he found his heart was with the program you run. And look how much he’s grown!

But in all seriousness, look how alive he is. When I sent him up there it was only because I had tried everything here and feared he would commit suicide. He was slowly dying of depression and loss of hope. Being in a school where he could be free to express himself (even when he’s quiet a lot of the time) was what he needed to heal and grow. He finally started talking about a “future” again. Then maybe college. Then hinted at university. He is working his tail off now going to night classes, catching up on math and science courses he’ll need for secondary education. Wow. This is not the same kid I shipped up to you. This is the person I remember as a child–full of hope, quiet ambition, and a sense of humor.

Thank you for what you and your teachers, counselors, etc. have done to save my child’s life. I cannot ever, ever thank you enough. Please let them know that despite all the hard work, they have made a difference in many lives. I can attest for one. I have my child back, who is growing into quite a young man. How will you put that on your resume?

Graduating Class of 2016

The Triangle Program

Made possible by the TDSB, MCC Toronto, and our generous donors and corporate partners