More Information about MCC Toronto

On the other side of the sanctuary doors, Monday to Saturday, MCC Toronto is a registered charitable organisation that works to support the greater LGBTQ2S+ community with programs supporting at risk youth, refugees and those in need of community care.

The Triangle Program is committed to providing a classroom where LGBTQ2S+ youth can learn and earn credits in a safe, harassment-free, equity-based environment, and developing and teaching curriculum which includes and celebrates LGBTQ2S+ literature, history, persons and issues. The Triangle Program allows students to experience academic success and earn credits toward their high school diploma. More importantly the Triangle Program allows students to develop the life-skills, confidence, pride and finesse they need to be successful when they transition back to their larger lives, be that mainstream schools, other alternative schools, work and/or post-secondary education.

The Refugee Ministry was launched in 2010 in response to the increasing population of LGBTQ2S+ refugee claimants attending MCC Toronto. A group of volunteers organized a peer support group to address some of their needs and welcome them to Canada. Since then we ahve provided support and services to over 1,980 inland claimants. In 2013 MCC Toronto became the only charitable organisation to hold a Sponsorship Agreement with the Government of Canada to exclusively sponsor and settle LGBTQ2S+ refugees. Since then we have sponsored 29 refugees from the Middle East, Africa and the Caribbean.

In addition to this work MCC Toronto is also involved in social justice work, from meeting with government agencies to improve the wellbeing of LGBTQ2S+ refugees to offering a sex education program to grade school children teaching them the curriculum which was just removed by the current Ontario Government.