Triangle students return for another amazing school year

MCC Toronto houses the only LGBTQ+ focussed high school in Canada: the Triangle Program. For over 20 years, students here have found safety and camaraderie as they complete their education.

The Triangle Program provides a modern suite of classrooms where our youth can learn from a curriculum that celebrates LGBTQ+ literature, history, and issues. It allows students to develop the life-skills, confidence, and networks that they need for future success.

Every year, this program saves the lives of teenagers, offers them hope, and enables them to create a future where they can live out their dreams. To support the program, MCC Toronto relies on the generosity of corporations, foundations, and individuals who share our belief in the importance of this work. If you have a connection with a foundation or corporation whose philanthropic focus is to help at risk youth please contact kcoutu@mcctoronto.com

The new school year begins next week and MCC Toronto will mark the occasion with a ‘Blessing of the Brains’ during services on September 9. All students and educational professionals are invited.

One of the ways we support the Triangle Program is by facilitating a hot lunch for students. Can you volunteer one day a month to help feed 30 exceptional youth? Please contact Alice, one of the Triangle teachers, if you`d like to help out.