Thanks for the water!

It was a year ago this month that the Social Justice Network ran its Fall Fundraising Campaign to purchase a Hydration Station for the students and staff of the Triangle Program. Through your generous donations and support, we were able to reach our goal and the fountain was installed last June. We again asked for your support over the summer to help us purchase reusable water bottles for the students, and once again you came through. Thus, on this very special day of Thanksgiving, the members of the SJN would like to thank you for your generosity, and so too would the students and staff of Triangle.

“Triangle Program youth and staff would like to thank the congregation and the donors for our amazing new hydration station and the reusable water bottles!  

Your generosity has marked the end of a decade of having to purchase water, freeing up funds to re-invest in the education of our youth. You have enabled us to take students on more field trips, enrich the curriculum we teach with much needed supplies and equipment, and even assist more youth with financial barriers in their lives, like paying for university and college applications. 

The hydration station has also had the added benefit to not only supply the Triangle Program youth with clean drinking water, but it has reduced our ecological footprint. Water security, the access to clean and sustainable water, is an equity issue we teach about. The hydration station and the reusable water bottles you gave us helps us role model water security and your efforts and donations have become a teachable moment. 

Thank you for making a difference.”