Homosexuality & The Bible

The Bible has brought comfort, hope, healing, and redemption to many people in so many places. Sadly, it has also (and too often) been used as a weapon to inflict pain and cause separation. Don’t be fooled by false arguments.

Read some of the insights offered here and decide for yourself what this enduring book of wisdom has to say about you and God, and love and life. There are also many more MCC publications and lots of Books, Brochures, & Pamphlets available at the UFMCC Online Resource Center.

The Four Articles

Article One: Homosexuality & The Bible: Good News Or Bad Read OnlineView PDF

Article Two: Our Story Too…Lesbians And Gay Men In The Bible Read OnlineView PDF

Article Three: Homosexuality: Not A Sin…Not A Sickness Read OnlineView PDF

Article Four: Hiv/Aids…Is It God’s Judgement? Read OnlineView PDF

A Letter To Louise: A biblical affirmation of Homosexuality View PDF

“Homosexuality and the Bible” Video Presentation

Listen as Rev. Dr. Brent Hawkes talks about popular misconceptions about the Bible’s condemnation of homosexuals and explains his interpretation of Scripture as it applies to homosexuality. This video is a MUST for anyone concerned about what the Bible says and does not say about homosexuality, makes excellent resource material for teachers, and would be a wonderful gift for people just coming out or wondering about what the bible says to them as gays and lesbians.

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