Open The Door

Our doors are powerful symbols.

Some see our doors as a portal to great potential, others see them as a barrier. Life-changing decisions are made the first time someone walks through our doors. For some, this transition comes with fear, for others, joy. For all, the change is made easier by us, those who’ve passed through these doors before. We are called to welcome the searcher, assist the marginalized, celebrate with the joyful and encourage the fearful. We are called to steward over our Sanctuary so others can experience God’s love.

Congregants say:

“I have come to know this place as a sacred space, a place of refuge, a place of growth and encouragement, a place that strengthens me to go out, go back into the world with a new vision and promise.”

“I see the worries of the world drop from people’s faces when they come through those doors.”

“Every time I walk back through the door it is like I never left. The feeling of warmth & love overwhelms me.”

Make a pledge – open the door.

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