October 2020 Update

Welcome, Susan Leslie-Berkis and Brad Hickman!

The Board has been meeting via ZOOM since the spring. This month, we officially welcomed our two newest Board members who were elected at our Annual Congregational Business Meeting (ACBM) in September. We look forward to them sharing their extensive business and volunteer experience and insights.

Onsite Worship Services postponed until further notice

We revisited the issues and challenges of gathering for our Onsite Worship Services.  Although the provincial government has not mandated any further restriction, it was felt that we should proactively postpone our Sunday Onsite Worship Services based on the steady increase in the number of COVID-19 positive cases. While a difficult decision, it was enabled by the continuing strong support for our Online Worship Services. We appreciate the staff and volunteers who made Onsite Worship Services safe and welcoming, and the Online Worship Services a professional, engaging and creative experience!

Financial update:

Good news:

  • We have applied for additional funding under the federal government wage subsidy programs. We have received some respite and continue to monitor our qualifications for higher levels of income subsidy and if we might qualify.
  • We are blessed by our Sustainers who make regular, automated donations via credit card or bank account withdrawal! We are happy to report that this income stream has remained remarkably steady through this period with new donors almost making up for some donors who have understandably had to reduce or terminate their commitments. We greatly appreciate all of you maintaining your current giving. Some of you may have the capacity and desire to increase your support during these trying times – thank you.  Please contact our team at giving@mcctoronto.com if you have not yet signed up, now is the time, if you can. You can get more details and sign up via: https://www.mcctoronto.com/donate/
  • There are also some expense reductions related to unfilled staff positions, printing, sanctuary cleaning, special music, etc 

Challenging News:

  • Our 2020 budget included the net goal of $150,000 to be raised from our Pride Celebration Service, our Annual Gala and Christmas Eve Service at Roy Thomson Hall. All of these vital in-person fundraising events had to be cancelled.
  • Our Keeping the Faith Campaign has already raised almost $15,000 (as of Oct. 9/2020) of our congregational goal of $75,000 so we can maximize the generous matching gift of up to $75,000 from the Hon. Margaret McCain. You can support us by making a special one-time gift to MCC Toronto – if you have questions, please contact giving@mcctoronto.com.
  • Senior staff are in the process of creating a 2021 budget. Of course, there will be more variables than usual in these unusual times. We will need to be creative, nimble, and faithful as we deal with the uncertainty of revenue, expenses, and likely reduction in government wage subsidies.

Engagement Committee Update:

Bentley Spring and Lisa Chinnery are leading the charge in developing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will enable objective measures for tracking our attendance, offerings, and volunteer efforts. We know that a congregation that is engaged, feels valued, and part of a vital community is the key to our continued success and is essential to our vital work as we build bridges and transform the world through transformed lives. A review of the measurements will be incorporated into future Board meetings to inform and challenge us as we make decisions. 

We are a community of faith, providing connection and hope in uncertain time:

We have a rare opportunity to truly distinguish ourselves as a faith community, non-profit, and employer, by the example we provide.  We are committed to using our many gifts and talents to continue to do God’s work in new and innovative ways. We have Jeff, the team, outstanding volunteers, congregants, supporters, this Board…and GOD. Our goal is to emerge from this crisis as a true leader – and this will provide optimal positioning for earning the respect and support of people who may not yet know or support us. Let us know if you believe there is a need we are uniquely positioned to fulfill in these historic times. Stay safe!   Remember, “We are not alone, God is with us”.

Contact us:

Remember that your Board represents and is responsible to you, the congregation. If you have questions or concerns, you can email us at  bofd@mcctoronto.com.

Lori Boyce,
Chair, Governance Committee

Co-Vice Moderator of the Board



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