November 2021 Update

As part of our continuing commitment to be transparent and timely in communicating with our members and congregants we want to highlight some of our recent activities. Your Board meets bi-monthly and works to provide you with the key items arising from our meetings. In addition, you can find a variety of Board documents and congregational communications at

The Board of Directors for MCC Toronto met via zoom on November 29, 2021 where they discussed the upcoming Christmas Eve Services, reviewed Church finances and the transition from the church functioning 100% via zoom to cautiously opening its doors for in-person worship Services and some programming.

As expected, the church to date has a budget deficit for this year which is due to COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns that have impacted us through the greater part of 2021. However, there remains hope that the current Year-End Appeal will help address this.

The Board of Directors if greatly benefiting from the wisdom and dedication of its two newest members. Lee Moran and Sylvie Pelletier.

The Board of Directors wishes everyone a safe and joyous Christmas and the very best 2022 has to offer.

Remember your Board represents and is responsible to you, the congregation. If you have questions, thoughts and/or concerns you can contact us via a confidential email at

Susan Leslie-Berkis, Board Director

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