November 2020 Update

Onsite Worship Services postponed until further notice

 After the Board meeting, the provincial government imposed further restrictions on in-person worship services. We had already proactively suspended our onsite 10:30 AM Worship Service in October.   While a difficult decision, it was enabled by the continued strong support for our online services.  We appreciate the staff and volunteers who consistently provide us with a virtual opportunity to gather as a community, providing a professional, engaging, and creative worship experience.

Financial update:

  • Due to our generous supporters, including the Honourable Margaret “Margie” McCain who provided a $75,000 matching donation, we have already exceeded our $150,000 Keeping the Faith Campaign With the recent second wave shutdown and the related loss in plate offerings, rental income, we have extended our goal to $200,000.  If you have already supported us – our deep thanks!
  • We have received approximately $70,000 in federal government wage subsidy programs.
  • We are deeply blessed by our Sustainers who make regular, automated donations via credit card or bank account withdrawal. We are happy to report that this income stream has remained remarkably steady through this period with new donors almost making up for some donors who have understandably had to reduce or terminate their commitments. We greatly appreciate all of you that are maintaining their current giving.  Some of you may have the capacity and desire to increase your support during these trying times – thank you.  Please contact our team at  If you have not yet signed up, now is the time, if you can.  You can get more details and sign up via:
  • We have reduced expenses related to unfilled staff positions, printing, sanctuary cleaning, special music, etc.
  • We are pleased to share the news our Finance Manager along with our Senior Pastor have collaborated to adopt QuickBooks as our new accounting tool. This work required significant effort and a revision of our statement of accounts which, when implemented shortly, will result in a much more robust and flexible system for data analysis.
  • The Board has approved our 2021 budget. As the pandemic continues into 2021, we are projecting decreased revenues (including a decrease in regular offerings and no federal government income grants).  In addition, we are committed to finally filling the Associate Pastor position early in the year.  As a result, like previous budgets, we are projecting another deficit budget ($90,000) while cautiously expecting to do better.  This has been our pattern for several years- to budget conservatively and then over-achieve on our revenues.  We commit as always to be creative, nimble, faithful stewards of your gifts and trust.

Risk assessment and management review

The staff is engaged in a Risk Assessment review, identifying possible risks and mitigation plans.  They are reviewing existing policies and identifying the need for revisions and addressing gaps.  This has been a long-term project that will create a living document and will incorporate risk identification as a core consideration in the development of policies, procedures, and programs. Their work will be reviewed by the Board in the first quarter of 2021.

Engagement Committee Update:

Bentley Springer and Lisa Chinnery are leading the charge in developing Key Performance Indicators that will enable objective measures for tracking our attendance, offerings, and volunteer efforts. We know that a congregation that is engaged, feels valued, and part of a vital community is the key to our continued success and is essential to our vital work as we build bridges and transform the world through transformed lives.  A review of the measurements will be incorporated into future Board meetings to inform and challenge us as we make decisions.  We are also determining how to best share the key markers with you.

For instance: did you know that from July 12 to Sept 27, over 122 households each Sunday tuned in live to our 11 AM Worship Service?  And we know that in a number of those households, more than one person is watching the service. Moreover, over 300 other households tune following the live-stream to view the service at some point.

Contact us:

Remember that your Board represents and is responsible to you, the congregation.   If you have questions or concerns you can contact us via a confidential email at

Lori Boyce,
Chair, Governance Committee

Co-Vice Moderator of the Board



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