Thanksgiving Crowds

It was our biggest Thanksgiving crowd yet!

Some say we served dinner to more than 180 guests and some delighted exaggerators claim it was 250.

We certainly did have to set up extra dining places in Room 109 and even in the servery.

Thank you to Dameon and his crew for delicious turkey, stuffing and gravy enough to feed everyone,  to expert cooks who made mounds of mashed veggies (including the best-tasting butternut squash and carrot dish ever!) and to all those who brought in salads and desserts and smiles galore. 

And thank you to Cyril and his crew for exceptionally gorgeous decorating, to all our donors and to all our guests who provided great ambiance, to tireless dishwashers and to all those who cleaned up and stayed to the very end.

Also, a thank you to Jennifer Keesmaat and her husband, Tom, and their two teenage children who graciously joined our servers happily dishing up this wonderful dinner.  Thank you, Everybody!