Action for Sex-Ed

The Ontario government announced the repeal of the current sex-ed curriculum and plans to replace it with teaching materials from 20 years ago. This regressive decision means that sexual orientation, gender identity, same-sex marriage, consent, invisible disabilities and social media safety will not be taught to 264,000 children in Ontario.

Our experience has taught us that a lack in education can result in a lack of understanding, increased intolerance and bullying. The government has opened a ‘snitch-line’ where you can report teachers who try to teach material not included in the old curriculum.

This leads us to ask, what will school be like for the children of this congregation? What will school be like for the students in the Triangle Program, the high school housed here at MCC Toronto? What will school be like for Triangle staff trying to teach a LGBTQ focussed curriculum under this regime?

The Bible tells us that when Jesus saw the disciples rebuking the children, He denounced their mistreatment and responded with action and justice (Mark: 10).

Let us do the same and respond to this attack on our children’s safety and their rights. It is time for action and justice. There are many ways to get involved. We can act by protesting; by signing petitions; by writing to our MPPs; by telling friends to act; and by supporting the teachers in our community.

Join a legal action

Sign a petition

Write to your MPP