Sam’s Goodbye

I returned to Canada from New Orleans in the summer of 2011. Something extraordinary happened that August right here in this space. After decades as a congregant and member of MCC Toronto, it was here that I received the call to Ministry. I was able to answer that call, and I did so willingly, if slightly bewildered.

I never once doubted my call, but I did begin to wonder if I was doing all that I could do and being all that I could be as a pastor. I packed up my art studio to focus on my studies and becoming ordained.

When I started working here, MCC Toronto was entering a challenging time and a time of great change. I was blessed to be part of a team that held strong to one another to form a solid and firm foundation upon which Rev. Rock and his team will manifest the next generation of this sacred space.

Now it is time for me to take some time. It is time for me to find out where my art and my Ministry meet. It is time to reflect and be still and continue to listen for the word of God and to hear what God is calling me to do next. I will be leaving Toronto for the country soon and I will un-pack my studio and the next exciting chapter of my life.

None of this would have been possible without all of you! You took me in. You loved me. You supported me. You encouraged me. You raised me!

I’m not leaving MCC Toronto, this is my church and heart home. I requested and received a one year leave of absence from our denomination that will commence after the sun sets on May 27th.

Doodle and I want to thank each and every one of you for all that you have done for me and with me these past seven years together.

Rev. Sam Morris – Pastor, Evening Service