Our Beautiful Easter Flowers

Our Easter flowers on Sunday morning were graciously donated by members of our community, often in memory or in celebration of loved ones. All the flowers that were donated will now be added to the Spring plantings by our Garden Faeries

Easter 2018 Dedications

Karen Kelly In celebration of the life of Darlene McDougall
Andrew Fleming & Roger Keglevich In honour of our parents.
Michael Dolan In celebration of Family and Friends
Bradley Hickman In celebration of Community
Ron Kaake & Russ Fitzgerald In memory of Family and Friends
Paul Melville-Gray In memory of Jim and Irene Melville-Gray
Christine P. Leslie In memory of Christopher, Leila, Michele, Angela Chong>
Mary Dayton In celebration of my children: Martin, Laura & Adam>
Brian Strem In memory of Olga Strem & Olga Derii
Florence Gibbons In memory of Barbara (Bobby) Sherwin
Glenn Gebhardt In memory of Henry Gebhardt
David Rodrigues & Timothy Oakes In honour of Ruth Robertson & Filomena Pinto
Anne L. Brayley & Nanette Sanson In honour of our loving parents
Wanda Bussiere In memory of my dad Bill Bussiere
Terry Christiansen In memory of David Duffield & John Christiansen
Ronald Beben & William Denison In celebration of the lives of Leslie and Alice Denison and Frank & Mary Beben
William Denison & Ronald Beben In honour of those tragically lost in our community
Caroline O’Reilly & Shelly Morris In celebration of Alida’s 5th birthday!
Leighton (Leigh) Sayers In honour of my friend Farhat A. Khalid
Robert & John Pisano-Thomsen In memory of Dawne Thomsen, Billy Miller, Howard Halstead Jr., Micheal & Gertrade Pisano, Al & Rose Zanazzi
Doug Kerr In memory of Isabelle Ritchie
Frances Grant & Maggie Heiman In celebration of our 27 years together
Sheryl Pollock In celebration of Paul MacDonald
Gary Pyper
Rev. Deana Dudley & Janet Fitzsimmons In memory of mothers, Pearl Fitzsimmons and Alliegene Dudley
James Macdonald In memory of Doreen & Walter Macdonald
Paul Brunelle In memory of Anna Klapchuk & Mary Brunelle-Osbourne, grandmothers.
Diana Howe & Melanie Howe In memory of Joanne & Doug Howe, beloved & missed parents.
John Maedel In memory of Gerald Arsenault
Martin’s Family In celebration of Martin Patrick Maher
Simon Lysnes In honour of the Lysnes Family
Brad Morrison In memory of, and gratitude for Mom and Dad.
Joe Jamieson In memory of Ron Steen
Greg Gregorovich In honour of the brilliant Robin Fern
Greg Gregorovich In celebration of Shifra, Lyla and Zach.
Rev. Sam Morris In memory of Gwennie