Don’t repeal the Sex-Ed curriculum

On July 11, 2018, Ontario’s newly appointed Education Minister, Lisa Thompson, announced the repeal of the province’s modern sex-ed curriculum, fulfilling the campaign promise of Premier Doug Ford to revert to an old and archaic curriculum. If implemented, the repeal will remove several key topics from the current curriculum including consent, gender identity, sexting, same sex marriage and masturbation.

At MCC Toronto, we firmly believe that reverting to the old sex-ed curriculum will result in a generation of adults who will not be adequately prepared to respond to the complex challenges facing young people today. Children and adolescents must be given complete information about their sexual health and personal choices in order to both protect and understand themselves and respect those around them. By stigmatizing conversations around consent, gender fluidity and diverse understandings of sexuality, we breed ignorance and secrecy which can then lead to higher risks of sexual abuse and misconduct.

Several prominent figures, teacher’s unions, and educational organizations have spoken out against the repeal, emphasizing the importance of providing children with clear and accurate sexual education. Today we ask you to let your voices be heard and make a stand, and join the others who have started campaigns to fight against this harmful regression.

Below is a link to an online petition titled “Doug Ford: Keep Ontario’s Sex-Ed Curriculum”. By signing this we will pressure Ford’s administration into retracting this flawed decision.

Sign the petition/

On July 13, the 519 released this statement regarding the repeal:

As an organization committed to the health, happiness, and full participation of the LGBTQ2S community, The 519 believes that this regression will negatively impact and endanger already vulnerable and at-risk young people, including LGBTQ2S youth.

The 519 will continue to advocate for equality, justice and dignity of all Ontario’s children and youth. We invite parents, organizations, activists, and anyone who wants to join us in our advocacy efforts by visiting www.wehaveyourbackontario.org

Every action helps and we appreciate your support. Take a few minutes out of your day and help us fight against this action by the new Doug Ford administration.