Clarification from our Refugee Ministry

It was brought to our attention that the story we ran on April 1 and April 8, “Good News from the Refugee Ministry”, was written in such a way that it could be interpreted as reading that the Refugee Ministry had received $100,000 from the government to run its programs. Although that would be a dream come true, it’s simply not the case.

What we intended to convey was that the government of Canada had extended the Rainbow Refugee Assistance Program (RRAP), allowing LGBTQ+ organizations from all across Canada to sponsor LGBTQ+ refugees within a specific program. The $100,000 associated with that program has not been awarded to MCC Toronto. The money goes directly to sponsored refugees under the program. A sponsored LGBTQ+ refugee will receive funds from the RRAP to cover the first three months of a one year sponsorship (plus a start-up fund), and the remaining nine months of their sponsorship will be covered by funds procured by their sponsoring organization and/or settlement team. The RRAP does not provide funding to organizations or cover any operational costs, programming or services of any kind.

We apologise for any confusion. For further clarification and information, please contact Aleks at adughman@mcctoronto.com