LGBTQ+ Refugees Sponsorship

LGBTQ+ Refugees Sponsorship Support at MCC Toronto

MCC Toronto supports those whose lives are in danger because of their sexual orientation or gender identity,  either in their countries of origin or elsewhere. We do this by identifying individuals at risk and recruiting sponsors who can assist them resettle in Canada. Unfortunately, often this process can be lengthy and filled with unimaginable challenges with uncertain results.

How does MCC Toronto sponsor LGBTQ+ Refugees?

MCC Toronto invites Canadian citizens and permanent residents, interested in saving lives and supporting LGBTQ+ refugees to form sponsorship teams (usually teams of five people). We lead these teams through the sponsorship process, such as filling out the required forms, fundraising efforts and resettlement matters.

How are the LGBQ+ refugees identified? 

LGBTQ+ refugees are primarily identified in two ways:

  • By people who ask us for help: We identify many LGBTQ+ asylum seekers through those who reach out to us from all around, asking for protection and sponsorship. We record their names in our database and contact them after a selection process. This process may take a long time and so we ask those in need of protection to be patient or contact other organizations listed here.
  • By community members: We also identify asylum seekers through our LGBTQ+ community, congregation and allies who identify LGBTQ+ people in need of protection and are interested in helping them. We help them to form sponsorship teams and guide through the process.

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