My bargain with God

My search for a place of worship.

I was a “church kid”.  Growing-up a Baptist minister’s daughter contributed to my ease with church life. Still, I enjoyed it myself and wanted to be there. I even attended a one-year bible college before university.

Just as I was entering my 4th-year at McMaster and completing my role as the President of the Canadian Baptist Youth, my sexuality was discovered. I was removed from my leadership roles and was essentially kicked-out of the Baptist denomination. Thus began my search for a place of worship where I could feel the presence of God, be my authentic self and contribute using the skills I developed through church involvement.

Ten years later, a friend brought me to this church. Almost immediately after I sat down and sang the opening hymn it was clear to me – I’d finally found my church home where I could worship God as myself. Problem was: I lived in Nova Scotia.

I made a bargain with God: if You get me to Toronto, I’ll contribute to MCC in any way I can. God clearly agreed because I moved to Toronto in 2002 and within a year I was on the church’s Board of Directors.
My current work with the Soulful Worship and Praise Ministry has been particularly rewarding. I believe deeply in the healing and elevating power of gospel music. I am honoured to serve God through the music of our Ministry.

Catherine Meade – MCC Toronto