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Technology Gives Power to Message

 Not only has technology improved the experience for the congregation who attend in person, technology enables us to send our message across the world. Many people do not have the opportunity to experience God’s unconditional love in such a loving and accepting church as MCC Toronto. Every Sunday we webcast our 11 a.m. service and people from over 140 countries have tuned in. From a teenager small town in Canada watching alone in their room to a Catholic priest in Poland who sits and watches the service with some LGBT people, serving the disenfranchised in his community. Our webcast ministry is important and has touched so many lives.  Many viewers have shared their stories with us, we would like to share one with you.

“I started watching your services online in September and I really like them. The music is wonderful, there’s a lot of warmth that is generated from the congregation and the speakers. It’s such a diverse, opening environment. And you guys aren’t homophobic or sexist! That is a really big thing for me. I started becoming disenchanted in the whole church attending process, especially after I came out as bi. My old church that the rest of my family still attends thinks anyone who isn’t straight needs to be ‘fixed’ and they thought I needed to be fixed too. My dad called me a freak of nature and said I was denouncing my religion by accepting that way of life when I came out to him. So for the longest time I thought I had to pick between being happy and being in a loving relationship with God. But I really like your church because it shows that you can be both, that I can be what I was made to be and still love God at the same time. I also love how you guys don’t shy away from the struggles people face in their lives, how problems aren’t to be ignored and shoved under the carpet but addressed and discussed in order to heal. That’s so important, especially in the way of mental health. I really like how you guys are so progressive in the ways of equality, especially pertaining to gender and religion. Where I’m from (I come from a really small town in the country) women aren’t usually allowed to participate in church services, my mom’s friends go to this one church were the women aren’t even allowed to speak in the church, only the men can prey, only the men can act as serving members of the church. When I was in high school, I really wanted to learn how to become a Deacon but my church said that I couldn’t learn because I was a woman. I also like the how you guys bring in passages and messages from other religions too! I’ve always thought that all religions offer wisdom that can be beneficial. I personally like studying Taoist philosophies in addition to Christian teachings.
I’m re reading this and it sounds like the biggest fluff of fan mail, I’m sorry. I just really like what you guys are doing, I’d come in person to your church if I could but it’s really far away, is there…any way I could contribute to your community online? I’d really like to be apart of things and be involved with this community.
Have a nice weekend and God bless you and your church! Again, I really like it. I think I got a little teary eyed when I learned how accepting you are of the LGBT community. It’s so comforting to know that people like me are not swept under the rug, ignored or thought to be in need of fixing but actually…loved in the Christian community. At least in some communities.
Have a nice day!”



Watch our services live every Sunday at 10:50 a.m. (Eastern Time Zone) http://www.mcctoronto.com/video