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Community Cares

Stories from People Forever Changed


“During a particularly tough phase in my life, when I felt anxious, stuck and anchor-less, I reached out to the Deacon Network at MCC Toronto through a Sunday Service Connection Card. One of the many kind Deacons responded, listened and prayed with me over the phone, offering my mind a momentary resting place of peace, despite my uncertain future. Many conversations followed and in wise kindness, I was directed to another Deacon experienced in mentorship, who over the course of a year and a half, navigated me along healing rivers to shores of tender relief. At every interaction I was diligently met with patient listening, encouraging conversation, quietening prayer, exercises in mindfulness, and the gift of broader connection to other individuals in support groups at the Church. I am now well on the mend, in body, mind and soul and can only offer my sincere, prayerful thanks to the Deacons at MCC Toronto who guided me off my island of hopelessness, to my internal home of hope.”