MCC Toronto’s Christmas Eve Service

This Christmas, Be Struck With Awe

MCC Toronto’s Christmas  Eve Service is a much cherished  tradition which has been held annually at Roy Thomson Hall since 1990. Senior Pastor  Rev. Jeff Rock will be preaching about the awe of Christmas – from the awful to the awestruck.  Celebrate Diane Leah’s last Christmas Eve Service as Music Director along with  some of Toronto’s finest singing voices as we ring in Christmas in the heart of the city.

Purchase tickets online  or by phoning  416-872-4255  for only $32.75  including service fees. No service fee applies to $25 in-person sales at Roy Thomson Hall or at the church.  Children 12 and under are free (ticket required). Please inform the ticket seller of any accessibility accommodations needed when you purchase tickets.

Auditorium doors will open at 10:00 p.m. followed promptly by Christmas carols at 10:15 p.m.

Presented by The Willmott Bruce Hunter Foundation


Rev. Jeff Rock

Jackie Richardson

Julie Michels

Mark Cassius

Stephanie Martin

Gavin Hope

The Christmas Choir of MCC Toronto




Thank You 

MCC Toronto is enormously grateful for the generosity of the following for their gifts in support of our 2018 Christmas Eve Service.

Thank you to all, and to all a Merry Christmas!

$20,000 +

The Willmott Bruce Hunter Foundation

$2,500 – $5,000

Peter Charlton & Ken Lomas

Teresa Harvey & Janet Ridley in memory of Robert Harvey

Eleanor McCain in honour of Diane Leah and her many years of dedication to MCC Toronto

Hon. Margaret McCain in memory of GWF McCain

Scott McCain & Leslie McLean

$1,000 – $2,499

Susan Connelly & Marie Cuillerier in memory of those who have passed

Dameon & Guy Lacasse in celebration of our friends and family

James Douglas

Andrew Fleming & Roger Keglevich

Linda Leenders in memory of Kay Lehman and Chantal Remeny

Marilyn McCowan in loving memory of my parents

Bob Ramsay & Dr. Jean Marmoreo

Rev. Jeff Rock in honour of Bill Rock & Carolyn Lane-Rock

$250 – $999

Akintan-Carter in honour of family of birth and choice

Jennifer Alexander & Lori Boyce in loving celebration of families: birth and chosen

Maggie Atkinson & Murray Smith

Ron Beben & Bill Denison in celebration of the lives of Leslie & Alice Denison and Frank & Mary Beben

Diana Bennett & Spencer Lanthier

Anne Brayley & Nanette Sanson in memory of our loving parents

Cathy Brown & Patti Gray in celebration of MCC Toronto

Marilyn Byers in memory of Mom, Dad, sisters Roni and Geraldine, and daughter Judy

Jane Craig & Linda Genser in celebration of Jeff’s “First” & Diane’s “Last”

Michael Dolan & Bryan Boyachuk

Walter Donovan & Lee Hill in honour of Marjorie Donovan and Florence & Lorne Hill

John R. Farrell & Trevor Scanlan

Robert G. Forsey in memory of Michael Brady

Scott Forsyth & Greg Jestin in memory of Elsie Forsysth

$250 – $999

Flo Gibbons in memory of Barbara (Bobby) Sherwin

Robert Gorham & Angelito Pino in memory of grand-daughter Jorja Graham

Ruby & Nancy Hamilton in memory of Lisa, Wally and Mike Hamilton

Liz Hurley

Susan Leslie-Berkis in memory of my dear sweet beautiful mother

Christine Leslie & Julian Leslie in memory and in honour of family and friends

Gilbert K. Ma

The MacKendrick and Spyksma Family

Catherine Meade in celebration of my great cloud of witnesses

Donald Middleton & Clayton Wilson

S.M. & A.R.

James J. Robertson & James Scott in celebration of Diane Leah

Ken Rusk in memory of my late wife Lois

Cheryl Smith & Debbie Brown

Mary Trudeau

C. Tuckwell

Michael Tukatsch

Mike Warren-Darley in memory of Garry Carter

Graham & Cathy White in celebration of our MCC Toronto family

Helen Wiber

Kevin Willcock

$100 – $249

Cory Bertrand in celebration of our Christmas Eve Volunteers

Mary Dayton in celebration of my MCC Toronto friends

John Dow in honour of William Alcox

Pat Elfer & Kelly Vollering in celebration of our grandchildren

Llewellyn Goddard

Robert Hayden in celebration of Kristjan & Armand

Bradley Hickman

Bernard Kenol

Andre Langlois

Patti MacLaren in memory of my partner Sharon Wood

Terry Netherton in memory of Mum and Dad

Greg Orovich in memory of the love of my life Robin Fern and in celebration of Shifra, Lyla & Zach

Gary & Sherrill Pennington

Leighton (Leigu) Sayers in celebration of the LGBTQ+ Refugee Program

Clementina Went in celebration of Mike, Doug & Malaki

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