June 2020 – Congregational Update

News from the MCC Toronto Board of Directors 

As part of our commitment to more regular, transparent and timely communication with the Congregation we want to highlight some of our recent activities. We meet bi-monthly and will provide you with the key points arising from our meetings. 

Board meeting June 2020 

Our sincere thanks to MCC Toronto’s staff and key volunteers for their leadership and creativity  

As together we endure these unprecedented times, your MCC Toronto staff and key volunteers have engaged in creative and inspired efforts to offer innovative ways for us to stay connected and hopeful.   They have employed a variety of outreach opportunities, embracing new platforms, demonstrating their commitment to help us all through this physical, emotional and for some, spiritual crisis.   Thank you! 

Clean audit 

Once again our Director of Finance and Brenda-Lee Cox, Financial Assistant and our Finance committee had their excellent work recognized by our auditors!  

We have again received a “clean” audit.  This was particularly impressive given the work required to send the materials to the Auditor online so it could be done remotely.  In fact, our audit was chosen, at random, as part of an audit of our Auditors! Their only suggestion was that most of the funds that we have referred to as “Endowments” be renamed “Restricted Cash Reserves” because they do not strictly constitute “endowments”.  The Board welcomes this recommendation as it has been a discussion item over the years.  

A copy of the audited statements will soon be available on-line.  


We have posted for a Manager of Finance and interviews are underway.   

We are in the midst of discussions for the Manager of Programs and Congregational Care position. There have been some delays that are beyond our control, including of course Covid-19! 

We have received a Canadian Students Grant from the federal government for 1-2 individuals to conduct interviews and do archives.  Details are outstanding. 


We are thankful to our loyal “Sustainers” who provide significant revenue generated by their regular, automated giving via credit card or bank account withdrawal.   This income stream continues to be relatively steady. We greatly appreciate all of you are able to maintain your current level of giving.  

Some of you may have the capacity and desire to increase your support during these trying times – thank you.  Please contact our team at giving@mcctoronto.com  If you have not yet signed up for regular giving on-line, now is the time, if you can.  You can get more details and sign up via: https://www.mcctoronto.com/donate/ 

We continue to review new Covid-19 related federal aid programs to determine if we qualify for assistance.  We have applied for a government loan for $40,000 that is 25% forgiven if re-paid by December 2021.  We are also reviewing our monthly revenue to determine if we qualify for the 75% wage subsidy.   

While we have also been able to reduce some expenses, our greatest revenue exposure is the potential loss of our special fund-raising events: Pride, mid-year and Christmas Eve.  We continue to explore contingencies, acknowledging the new economic realities and the significant impact on charities and their fundraising efforts brought about by the pandemic. 

Annual Congregational Business Meeting (ACBM)  

We have postponed our annual meeting from mid-June to a later date when we can hopefully feel safer meeting in person.  We will, however, make all the usual documents available on-line and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us at our bofd@mcctoronto.com email. 

Thank you Cheryl Smith! 

The term of a Board member is three years, and none of our current slate of 8 are due to expire in June 2020.  However, Cheryl Smith, CPA, CA has expressed her desire to step away from the heavy time and energy commitments as the Chair of our Finance and Audit Committee.  Cheryl was first appointed to the Board in 2015 and has provided outstanding knowledge, guidance, and direction to the Board.  MCC Toronto has hugely benefited from her calm, insightful, and collaborative approach.  While we debated not accepting her resignation, we deeply appreciate her contributions, integrity, and expertise.  We also thank her partner Deb Brown for sharing her with us through the past five transformative years! 

While our by-laws allow us to vary the number of members of the Board of Directors between six and nine members and therefore replacing Cheryl on the board is not a legal requirement, we have posted an opening on our website (under the volunteer section) if you, or someone you know, is interested in applying to be a member of the board.       

We are a community of faith, providing connection and hope in uncertain times.  

We have a rare opportunity to truly distinguish ourselves as a faith community, non-profit, and employer, by the example we provide.  We are committed to using our many gifts and talents to continue to do God’s work in new and innovative ways. We have Jeff, his team, outstanding volunteers, congregants, supporters, this Board…and GOD. Our goal is to emerge from this crisis as a true leader – and this will provide optimal positioning for earning the respect and support of people who may not yet know or support us.   Let us know if you believe there is a need we are uniquely positioned to fulfill in these historic times.    

Stay safe!   Remember, “We are not alone, God is with us”. 

Contact us 

Remember that your Board represents and is responsible to you, the congregation.   If you have questions or concerns you can contact us via a confidential email at bofd@mcctoronto.com.   

Lori Boyce,
Chair, Governance Committee
Co-Vice Moderator of the Board 


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